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Visitor management system

MyLobby Visitor Management Automation

MyLobby Visitor Management Automation System is the Solution for today’s workplace challenges. In this article, we discussed the following how the MyLobby Visitor Management automation system provides a solution for: A tight labor markets Increasing security at the front desk … Read More

The Post-Pandemic Office is ideal for a MyLobby Visitor Management System

The pandemic has reshaped how we interact and engage with the public, from retail stores to front lobbies. This blog discusses the realities and challenges of today’s front lobbies in the post-pandemic era and how you can use technology like … Read More

Trade compliance is automated with my lobby visitor visitor

MyLobby Visitor Management System Helps Facilities to Automate Process in a Tight Labor Market

In this article, we will discover how the tight labor market and the post-pandemic workplace have given rise to the opportunity to automate as many workflow processes as possible with visitor management system. The front lobby reception area is usually … Read More

Why do Businesses need to Integrate Visitor Management Systems into Shipping and Receiving?

Nowadays, businesses are integrating visitor management systems into their shipping and receiving areas. Just imagine losing over $250,000 in merchandise from a truck driver that backs up his rig to a shipping dock and receiving. Stating he needs to pick … Read More

Real-time Hot Desk Occupancy Tracking for Hybrid Workplace

Some people feel a bit skittish about returning to the office or any environment with many people around them. Some experts say we’re getting a handle on Covid but expect an upsurge this fall. Many of us don’t fear dying … Read More

Hoteling App are Becoming the Future of Hybrid Workplaces

According to a Gallup poll, Hybrid work has “increased in 2022 (from 42% in February to 49% in June) and is expected to further increase to 55% of remote-capable workers by the end of 2022 and beyond.” And 60% of … Read More

Space Management Software is the Tool that helps Employees Make Returning to the Office a Seamless Process

For many organizations, the need to quickly transition to remote work has highlighted the importance of having a robust and flexible space management solution in place. This is where space management software comes in. The right solution can save your … Read More

Cal/OSHA COVID ETS. How can Employers manage and keep track of the new CLOSE CONTACT requirements to maintain compliance?

Managing CAL/OSHA compliance for any organization in the state of California will be tricky and time-consuming with some of the latest changes in COVID-19 Emergency Temporary Standards. Specifically, the Close Contact Notification requirement to send out to everyone immediately will be … Read More

The hybrid workplace is here to stay. Your company needs a MyLobby Hoteling App.

The verdict is out; the hybrid workplace is here to stay. However, organizing and managing a hybrid work environment is challenging for most organizations. New protocols often require new solutions. MyLobby Office Hoteling App is a solution that allows your … Read More

How to integrate MyLobby Visitor Management & Office Booking (Hoteling App) with Active Directory

How do you use Active Directory to get your MyLobby Visitor Management & Office Booking (Hoteling App) up and running quickly and synchronize your employees with MyLobby? Check out the following step-by-step guide. Have you ever felt like your IT … Read More