Enhancing Corporate Safety with MyLobby: A Case Study at General Electric Water Technologies

GE Water Technologies as its former name, which is now owned and  operated by Veolia Water Technologies, a global leader in sustainable water and wastewater treatment solutions for industrial customers and public authorities is committed to the highest standards of workplace safety. Recognizing the need to enhance their emergency messaging capabilities, Veolia sought a solution that could address multiple safety scenarios effectively.

Emergency Messaging

The original GE health and safety and facility team frequently faced the challenge of how to respond swiftly and effectively in various emergency situations, such as an active shooter, chemical spills, or medical emergencies. The existing protocols, like using fire alarms for all emergencies, were not only inadequate but potentially hazardous, leading to confusion and increased risk during incidents.

MyLobby presented a tailored emergency messaging system designed to meet GE's complex requirements. The system features included:
Emergency Messaging

How MyLobby Emergency Messaging Works

Emergency Messaging

In the event of an evacuation, MyLobby’s system ensures a swift and organized response:

Emergency Messaging

Implementation of MyLobby Emergency Messaging

The integration of MyLobby into GE’s operations was seamless, with a focus on training staff and safety personnel on the new system. The intuitive design allowed for quick adoption, with minimal disruption to existing workflows.


Since implementing MyLobby, GE has seen significant improvements in their emergency response efficacy. Notable incidents where the system proved invaluable include a chemical spill where evacuation procedures were flawlessly executed, and a medical emergency where only trained first aid responders were discreetly alerted. Feedback from employees highlighted increased confidence in the company’s emergency preparedness.


Roll call

MyLobby’s emergency messaging system has revolutionized how GE manages safety, turning potential chaos into organized responses. This case study underscores the importance of adopting specialized, innovative solutions to enhance corporate safety protocols.

Organizations looking to bolster their emergency response capabilities are encouraged to consider MyLobby. Visit www.mylobby.co to learn more about our solutions and how they can be customized to meet your unique safety needs.

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