Emergency Notification System

MyLobby Real-time Roll Call Muster Points

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Roll Call immediately after an evacuation is vital to the health and safety of everyone in your building. MyLobby Automates the Roll Call list to each fire warden’s mobile device to streamline Roll Calls at each muster point. 

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How Does a Emergency Messaging Muster Point Work?  

When an emergency is triggered, all the fire wardens will get an email and text message with a link that will provide them with a roster of people they would need to perform the Roll Call at the desired muster point. That link will give them a list of everyone who signed in for that day.  

Similarly, each individual that has signed in for the day will receive an email and text emergency message to go to the specified muster point if it’s an evacuation. Or, if it is a lockdown, it will send a message to each individual stating the specified lockdown instructions. 

Our Emergency Notification System is a great tool to have in case of an emergency, as it allows you to communicate specific instructions and directions instantly via SMS text message, and email. The pre-slated quick access buttons will enable you to communicate and remind everyone of the proper procedures required in the event of that specific emergency. Also, it allows delivering specific messages to groups such as your department leaders to assure all personnel hear from you quickly