New Features

Feature List of MyLobby Visitor Managment

We have seen that organizations’ policies often change during this pandemic, which has led to many challenges for maintaining a healthy work environment. As such, we’re excited about collaborating with our customers and adding new features to address these obstacles together!

Contactless sign-in option

Our contactless sign-in workflow is ideal for businesses who want the flexibility to have a kiosk system at their location. All of your entry details are entered directly onto an individual’s mobile device and then translated into dynamic QR codes that can be scanned on-site by visitors when they come in – no matter your preference: incline or flat surface kiosk!

Pre-screening Questionnaires

MyLobby is a digital automated health screening platform that provides an electronic health screen virtually anywhere, anytime from the convenience of your smartphone. We have patented Non-Contact Health Screen technology which allows the user to receive an electronic health screen virtually anywhere, anytime from the convenience of their smartphone.

Antigen Testing Workflow

MyLobby allows users to easily track their employees’ and visitors’ compliance records in real-time from any device (phone, tablet). Our mobile application has an intuitive interface with beautiful graphics for easy navigation. It’s free for small businesses!

Multi-channel Compliance Notification

With the instant multi-channel compliance notification feature,
You can send it to more than one person. You can send it to the security people so that everybody is in the loop and it has the feature.

Mask Detection

Mylobby is the first AI-based mask detection technology that will ensure unvaccinated employees are wearing a mask before entering the workplace. This revolutionary new product will help organizations manage their risk and avoid penalties associated with noncompliance. MyLobby Mask Detection Technology is currently being used by over 10,000 businesses across the country.

QR Code Sign in

Non-contact Health Screening is an effective, economical way to ensure full compliance with OSHA regulations. Plug and Play into our Non-Contact Health Screening technology that has been tested in hundreds of offices nationwide; MyLobby now offers a complete platform for all your visitor management needs including health screenings and time tracking. Our customer-friendly Non-Contact screen can be hosted off-site as well, making it the go-to solution for client facilities just looking to do business anywhere.

Ability to upload documents

The biggest challenge is going to be to manage unvaccinated employees as their requirements will be to show proof of a negative Covid test and wear a mask to work every day. My lobby has the technology I can accommodate these two features. Firstly, our platform will enable employees to upload their negative Covid test to an encrypted database. Secondly, our tablets have a mask detection feature so that we can validate and confirm that each unvaccinated employee is compliant as per new OSHA guidelines.

Badge Printing

Whether it’s a hospital or a commercial building, a badge like the one I’m wearing identifies I am compliant with your facilities’ regulations along with any CDC screening guidelines. And if OSHA or the local health department comes to audit your facility — showing is your guarantee to demonstrate you have a system in place and your organization is compliant.

If-then Statements

When it comes to employee health screening questionnaires, not everything is black-and-white; this is why we created the if-then statement feature.

Employee Express Sign-in

Easy set up for employees mobile sign in.

Access Control

Facial recognition temperature screening software MyLobby Temperature screening kiosk is a service that lets any visitor not only check in but also provides patented Non-Contact Health Screen technology, which allows the user to receive an electronic health screen virtually anywhere, anytime from the convenience of their PC or smartphone.


Visitor Queueing

With our software solution, visitors can register their name onto our customer service system using a kiosk tablet or directly from their mobile phone. This way, they don’t need to take a ticket number anymore! Upon registration, visitors are assigned to an appropriate customer service associate who will be ready to help them as soon as it’s their turn. Our kiosk also allows customers to respond to any CDC screening questions while waiting in line. MyLobby Visitor Q provides a great visitor experience with no need for taking tickets at all!

Full Feature List of Visitor and Employee Health Screening App

CDC Questionnaire Synchronization

Keep your Facility compliant by keeping up to date with CDC’s health screening questionnaire

Contactless COVID-19 Health Screening Compliance

Each individual uses a QR code for identification and easy tracking

Customizable Screening Questionnaire

MyLobby Touchless Temperature Employee Screening platform allows you at any time to customize your COVID-19 forms on the fly to address the needs of your organization

Employee Time and Attendance

Multiple functions as employees get screened. Pull reports to track Time-in Time-out. API integration with other payroll systems

QR code Sign-in capability

QR codes make it easy for employees and staff to sign in without touching the Temperature scanner

Two Way Communication

Once the users are notified that their guest has arrived, they can send a text back with a personal message to their guest letting them know they’ll be down to greet them in a few minutes.

On-Demand, Customized Printing Badges

Visitor badges are printed whenever they check-in.

Emergency Mass Notification

Send out a customized email and SMS message to your team or everyone in the building.

We understand

Every business have unique challenges, therefore, we are able to cater and customize our application to suit your needs.

Pre-screening registration

Ensure your employees’ safety by screening visitors before coming to your facility.

Facial Recgonition

Employee Facial Recognition intergrates with door access control

Onboard Temperature Calibration

Temperature calibration ensures temperature readings stay accurate

NFC Sign-in Capability

With your own NFC or fob card, you can sign-in and get your temperature scanned within seconds

Temperature Scanning

Scan Temperature of Visitors and Staff entering your facility

Utilizing the tablet’s front-facing camera

You have the option to enable a photo capture option, which will automatically take a photo of your visitor when they check-in. Once captured, the image will be added to your visitor log along with other check-in details.

Legal and Compliance Documents

Ensure all visitors comply with facility requirements and easy contact tracing.

Cloud hosted solution

Makes setup easy and seamless for your team.

Get all the hardware

Own all the hardware you need to set up MyLobby Non-contact Infrared Thermometer in your business.

Get the complete solution

MyMedia offers full service setup, from installation and configuration. We also provide full project management.