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MyLobby is an online Visitor Management System that allows you to customize the screening questions for your facility, making it compliant with CDC requirements. It also makes your team members feel comfortable at their place of work because they know they’re safe.

How does your Health Screening work with our Visitor Management Software ?

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With MyLobby, visitors can register themselves in advance or on arrival by scanning their ID card or entering their information manually directly into the visitor management system. They'll be asked a series of pre-set questions before being allowed into the building, which will make sure they don't have any any potential exposure to risk like Covid. This screening tool will ensure everyone feels comfortable at their place of work.

Visitor Health Screening right from mobile device

MyLobby, the post-pandemic compliance solution Ensure your facility is compliant with new health protocols Get instant noncompliant notification for entry into restricted areas

COVID-19 Screening App

Integrate your Health Screening Form with our Visitor Management App

The temperature screening and health screening form is an option that will allow your facility to maintain even greater compliance in this Post-COVID world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can customize your own screening questions

You can get a real-time notification via email or SMS.

We offer email and phone support to all our customers. We will be setting up your questionnaire for you and during your Support and Orientation Call with on our Technical Support Team, we will teach you on how to make changes on your questionnaire in case your requirements change and you want to keep it updated.

We offer a 14-day trial for our Health Screening form. For more inquiries, send an email to or call us at 1-866-636-0636.