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Streamline Visitor Management and Enhance Security

Managing visitors in your facility has never been easier. With the MyLobby Visitor Management Call Button, you can streamline the check-in process, enhance security, and create a seamless experience for both visitors and employees.

See Your Modern Day Superhero Intercom/Visitor Management System in Action

Here we take a closer look at how our founder John Liberatore demonstrates how the MyLobby visitor management tablet doubles down as an intercom. So that no one is left stranded in your lobby.

Key Features

Visitor Check-in

Employee Directories

Intercom Functionality

Versatile Applications for Any Facility

Whether you manage an office building, hospital, educational institution, or residential community, the MyLobby Visitor Management Call Button adapts to your unique needs. Here are some practical applications:

  1. Office Buildings: Provide a seamless check-in experience for visitors, connect them with their hosts, and maintain a secure environment with the integrated intercom functionality.

  2. Healthcare Facilities: Improve patient and visitor experience by allowing them to easily communicate with the relevant departments or reception areas, ensuring a smooth arrival and navigation within the facility.

  3. Educational Institutions: Simplify the check-in process for parents, guests, and contractors, and empower them to communicate directly with staff members or specific classrooms in case of any questions or concerns.

  4. Residential Communities: Enhance security in gated communities or multi-unit buildings by allowing visitors to connect with residents or the security team, ensuring authorized access and peace of mind for residents.

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Benefits of MyLobby Visitor Management Call Button

Ready to Upgrade Your Lobby Experience?

Don’t miss out on this cutting-edge feature that will transform the way you manage visitors.¬†Upgrade to MyLobby’s visitor management solution today and unlock the power of the Call Button. Revolutionize your lobby, enhance security, and ensure a seamless visitor experience.