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Visitor Management System Features

This is one area where the electronic visitor management system stands out as it will not expose or display any previous visitors. It will be like a blank page every time the person signs in. The other challenge with the … Read More

How a Visitor Management System Saves Thousands of Dollars

A couple of years ago a large telecom company approached us to help them solve their problem initially for a better way to connect visitors to their office with their employees, As a result, they were looking for a reliable … Read More

Visitor Management Software Free

What are Visitor Management Software Free Trials for? Everyone’s looking for value for their money and no one likes surprises. This is why we offer a visitor management software for free. This gives your organization the opportunity to see if … Read More

Visitor Management system | Emergency Notification System

Visitor Management system, why its essential Just imagine a crisis situation in your place of work and evacuation is required. It may not be due to a fire it might be another threat that has occurred in the front lobby. … Read More

Improving Visitor Management

I hate being late for meetings that’s why I like to show up early. Despite my efforts it’s rare that meetings start on time. Traditional visitor sign in is time consuming and a hassle. Besides, does anyone ever really read or … Read More