Why You Need Visitor Management Software in Your Company

Visitor Management System
Visitor Management System

The main purpose of why companies invest in visitor management software is to effectively document and closely track guests and their activities. A visitor management system streamlines the whole process, enabling companies to graduate from traditional logbook-based visitor management to a more modern and efficient method.

Visitor information is automatically and accurately recorded and stored in a secure database. In most cases, guests’ information has been enrolled in the system and access to certain sections of the building has been granted. All it takes is a little check and confirmation to complete the whole process. This is a much better setup than having visitors manually enter their names and other details, which can take a lot of time.

Visitor management systems can be expensive. Investing in one is a great deal.

This is why you need to be thorough and diligent prior to purchasing one.

But more than just gathering visitor information and speeding up the entire visitor journey, getting a visitor sign-in system has other advantages. And these benefits may just entice your organization to consider getting one.

Impressions, specifically the first ones, are crucial to the success and growth of your business. Whether you’re entertaining potential investors, business partners, or processing candidates, you don’t want them to have the wrong impression of your enterprise.

The visitor logbook is a thing of the past. While manually penning down important information on a logbook is not a difficult task for most people, it can feel quite laborious.

When visitors come to your place of business, you don’t want your organization to be associated with something so archaic and dated.

Also, logbooks are prone to theft and breaches.

A guest may have formed his or her own notions about your business through research and reputation, but nothing can impact a visitor’s first impression than the first time he or she steps inside your facility.

With a modern visitor management software system, your business place exudes that savvy, corporate feel. Such a scene not just whips up a positive first impression, but inspires confidence from your guests.

It shows that you are taking your business seriously and you are watching out for their safety.

Customer service software statistics reveal that the majority of the visitors are pleased with their overall journey from entry to exit when they are processed with an automated visitor management platform.

Getting that positive first impression can go a long way for the growth of your enterprise. A digital visitor management solution can help secure that long before you meet with your visitors.  

Visitor Management Software: Reduce Reliance on Human Staff

Recent visitor management solutions are built with artificial intelligence, enabling them to perform tasks and processes with little to no human intervention like scanning visitors’ IDs, scanning facial profiles of guests, and printing of visitor badges.

Smart AI-powered visitor management solutions can also interact with guests and engage them in humanlike conversations thanks to advances in machine learning (ML) and natural language processing. In short, you have a virtual lobby receptionist manning the front desk.

This greatly reduces the need for more human staff to work the front lobby in receiving and processing visitors. Such an application is great especially in settings where the front desk has to be open 24/7 like hotels and critical facilities that require stand-by on-site tech support.

AI-fueled visitor management systems can also be deployed to support, not replace, human workers. Scenarios like peak hotel seasons, festivals, and conferences where the influx of visitors can be overwhelming, intelligence visitor management platforms provide the support human workers need to remain efficient and productive.  

Visitor Management Software Boosts Security

The impact of a visitor management system to your business in terms of security can never be understated. For one, these systems can generate badges with barcodes that grant access to certain areas of your buildings. This ensures that your visitors can only enter sections where they are given permissions and denied access to areas they don’t have clearance for.

For instance, Mark is only given access to certain offices located on the third floor. This means there are rooms and floors restricted to him. Mark’s visitor badge will send out an alert to the lobby staff and security when there is an attempt to enter a restricted area. In the event of an emergency such as fire or earthquake, the software instantly sends an alert to the visitor and guides him or her to the designated exits and towards safety.

Modern visitor management system features integrations with government databases for criminals, offenders, and fugitives. Whenever a visitor comes in, all his IDs, facial features, and other details are automatically set against profiles stored in government databases. Once a match is identified, the system automatically alerts local authorities for immediate proper action.

Lastly, you can blacklist certain individuals with a web-based visitor management system.

This prevents intruders and undesirable visitors from getting inside your place of business. With a manual logbook system, the chances of intruders can slip past your front desk and security unnoticed are extremely high.

And you don’t want that.   

Invest in Visitor Management Software Now

2019 forecast on the visitor management software market sees its value growing to $7 billion in 2027. Companies that are looking to address the increasing concern for safety and security fuel this massive growth.

In 2018, the market was pegged at $823.8 million, barely reaching the billion-dollar mark. This anticipated booming of the visitor management software industry shows that the software is going to get more traction and popularity. Implementation is going to be massive in the coming years.

That makes now the best time to invest. If your business requires a high level of security and your place is teeming with visitor traffic, it is imperative that you get a visitor management system now and be part of its impending growth.

This puts you in a great position to transform your business and enjoy the benefits as visitor management improves in general.

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