Why are we offering free Visitor Sign-in Software?

You’re probably wondering, why are we offering free Visitor Sign-in Software? You’re probably thinking, what’s the catch? 

In short, there is no catch. since our inception back in 2005 when MyMedia was established our goal is to help organizations communicate with digital display technology

In 2016 when we committed to offering a visitor Sign-in software that was affordable and easy to use for big and small organizations. We want to help organizations grow and expand. In doing so, we want MyLobby visitor sign-in software to be an integral part of your organization’s success journey. Here’s a whole list of features that you’ll find in the MyLobby sign-in app

  • Track and identify visitors in real-time
  • Hyperlink visitors and host
  • Export data
  • Email notification
  • Delivery notification
  • SMS notification
  • Two-way notification
  • Human voice prompts
  • Event Registration
  • Returning visitor
  • Slideshow presentation
  • Customized mass emergency notification
  • Question and Prescreening
  • Visitor picture
  • Sign out reminders
  • Badge printer
  • Waiver documents and signature
  • Auto sign out
  • Active Directory
  • Telephone Call Notification

In the free version for smaller organizations, the features you have available are the following:

  • Track and identify visitors in real-time
  • Hyperlink visitors and host
  • Export data
  • Email notification
  • Delivery notification
What makes MyLobby Visitor Sign-in Software unique or different in the marketplace? 

Since we started the development in 2016 we took the time to get granular with our clients. We did this by conduction extensive interviews with facility managers, security personnel, Environmental Health & Safety professionals, all the way down to the very busy front desk staff. We ask questions like:What are the features or functionality you would like to see with visitor sign-in software? How would you like to access and see the visitor data?Who are some of the key stakeholders within the organization that would have a vested interest in a quality visitor sign-in app? The response we generated was the cornerstone of our Visitor sign-in app development. The valuable feedback provided the direction for our designers and engineers to design an application that was intuitive and easy-to-use.    Although, when we went to the market, we quickly realized one size does not fit all. We saw the opportunity to get even more granular to solve the unique challenges our clients were experiencing in their Visitor system requirements ranging from:

  • GDPR Compliance
  • ITAR compliance 
  • Express Entry 
  • COVID-19 Screening 
  • Thermal temperature screening (coming soon)

As the request for solutions grew we expanded to a full-time team of developers tailoring our Visitor Sign-in App to each client’s requirements.  This is what makes us most unique, is being nimble enough to deliver a visitor sign-in app that responds to each organization’s requirements.Having a free visitor management system will give your organization the opportunity to:

  • Have fun staff do more meaningful work (engaging with visitors and supporting the organization with administrative duties
  • Increase security
  • Automate visitor reception
  • Increase productivity for hosting visitors to connect more quickly
  • Reduce operational expenses
  • Increase Compliance
  • Elevate your corporate image

In conclusion, you no longer need to be hesitant or concerned about the cost of setting up a visitor sign-App now that it’s free, all you have to do is sign up here.

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