Reimagining Visitor Management Data : Less Data, More Security

Visitor Management Data

In visitor management, the saying ‘less is more’ is especially important when dealing with sensitive information. Recent news about Raptors Technologies, a Texas company that helps schools manage visitors, is a good example of this.

A recent expose by cybersecurity researcher Jeremiah Fowler has revealed a data leak within Raptors Technologies, potentially exposing sensitive information with potentially disastrous consequences. Amidst this revelation looms a pending lawsuit, prompting a crucial question: Do visitor management solutions, especially in school environments, need to collect and store as much data as they currently do?

Consider this: the essence of visitor management in schools lies in verifying whether an individual, typically a parent or guardian, has permission to access a student, a simple “yes” or “no” scenario. However, in the pursuit of added features, schools often request unnecessary data retention, including students’ health records and legal documents like restraining orders.

Visitor Management Data - Back to the basics

Do schools really need to share all their information with companies like Raptors Technologies? It doesn’t seem right. Maybe schools could be like police officers, who only collect the information they need to do their job. Schools could do the same with visitor information.

Visitor Management System for Schools

They only need to know if the individual is wanted or has a restraining order for a specific location. Specific details are not necessary. This applies to visitor management data as well. While we offer features to protect students, the key is to focus on the basics. Less data is more when it comes to efficient visitor management and protecting student privacy.

Software solution companies need to lead and educate their clients on the risks of data exposure

Visitor Management Data

Schools and software providers both have a part to play in data security. Software companies shouldn’t just do what clients ask, they should advise on secure options. Teachers often need help with data security, so providers should guide them effectively.

Protecting student privacy is crucial. HIPAA regulations safeguard health records, but additional measures like internal coding systems can add layers of security. Simple codes, understood only by healthcare professionals, can reduce data storage needs. For example, “DI” could indicate a diabetic student.

Similarly, legal documents like restraining orders don’t require extensive storage. A coded system, clear to school administrators, can suffice. For instance, “RO” could signify a restraining order, streamlining data management while maintaining security.

Visitor management system - Containerizing your data

Another robust method to secure sensitive data is through containerization. By encapsulating data within containers, organizations can maintain granular control over access and permissions, minimizing the risk of unauthorized exposure. A hybrid approach, exemplified by systems like the MyLobby visitor management system, offers the best of both worlds: the functionality of a comprehensive visitor management solution coupled with the assurance that all data remains securely housed within the organization’s servers.

Visitor Management Data

Businesses can control their data better with containerization, keeping it private and secure. Storing data centrally helps them enforce strong security rules like HIPAA and GDPR. Containerization also allows for fast deployment and scaling without compromising security, which protects against cloud risks.

In short, containerization helps businesses secure their data in new ways. It lets them fight cyber threats and work more efficiently. By using containerization in visitor management, businesses can keep data highly protected, building trust with stakeholders.


Schools can keep student information safe by carefully choosing what data to collect and how to store it. They can work with software companies to protect privacy and keep everyone safe, without needing lots of data. This way, schools can balance safety and privacy.

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