Alternative Visitor Management System to Sine

Sine’s adaptability, catering to visitors, contractors, and staff alike, has made it a favorite for many. Yet, MyLobby’s alternative visitor management to Sine, emphasizing both technology and personalized service, makes it a compelling alternative.

MyLobby’s unique ‘Success Coach’ program ensures that businesses receive hands-on support throughout the implementation process. This tailored approach ensures that the VMS aligns perfectly with a business’s unique needs.

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ITAR Visitor Management

Consider a large construction company with multiple sites. Contractors, suppliers, and staff needed to check in at various locations, each with its own set of safety protocols. While Sine could manage the basics, MyLobby’s alternative visitor management to Sine has the ability to customize the check-in process for each site, reflecting specific safety videos and questionnaires, ensured compliance without compromising efficiency.

Furthermore, MyLobby’s plug-and-play solution offers unparalleled convenience. The pre-set tablets come equipped with all necessary details, ensuring a consistent experience across all sites.

A university with multiple campuses serves as another example. Each campus had its events, guest lecturers, and protocols. MyLobby’s alternative visitor management to Sine allowed for campus-specific customization, ensuring students and visitors received relevant information upon check-in.

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