Alternative Visitor Management System to Proxyclick

Alternative Visitor Management to Veristream

Proxyclick’s strength lies in its flexibility, integrating with a multitude of other software solutions. However, MyLobby offers alternative visitor management to Proxyclick with an edge with its blend of advanced technology and a personal touch.

MyLobby’s standout feature is the ‘Success Coach’ program. This isn’t just a support system; it’s a partnership. Clients are guided through every step, from setup to daily operations, ensuring that the VMS is tailored to their specific needs.

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A luxury hotel chain with properties across Europe faced a challenge. They needed a system that could cater to international guests with various language preferences and ensure a luxury experience from the moment of check-in. While Proxyclick could offer basic solutions, MyLobby’s alternative visitor management to Proxyclick has the ability to customize the interface, coupled with its multi-language support, ensured guests felt welcomed in their native language.

The plug-and-play feature further sets MyLobby apart. Businesses receive tablets that are pre-configured, drastically reducing the setup time and ensuring a consistent visitor experience across all locations.

To illustrate further, an international art gallery with exhibits that changed frequently required a system that could be easily updated to reflect current exhibitions and guest artists. MyLobby’s alternative visitor management to Proxyclick hasĀ intuitive interface allowed for quick updates, ensuring visitors received up-to-date information upon check-in.

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In summary, while Proxyclick offers a versatile VMS solution, MyLobby’s commitment to a personalized and comprehensive approach positions it as a top alternative for businesses of all sizes and sectors.

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