Enhancing Access Control: How MyLobby Visitor Management Ensures Facility Security

Access control is a top priority for facility managers who aim to safeguard their premises, protect assets, and ensure the safety of employees and visitors. Unauthorized access, theft, vandalism, and security breaches pose significant risks. To address these concerns, facility managers invest in robust access control systems. One effective solution gaining popularity is MyLobby Visitor Management Software. In this blog, we will explore how MyLobby addresses the concerns of facility managers, providing a comprehensive access control solution that enhances security and streamlines visitor management processes.

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1. Streamlined Visitor Registration and Check-In

MyLobby Visitor Management

One of the primary concerns for facility managers is managing and monitoring visitor access effectively. MyLobby visitor management simplifies the visitor registration and check-in process, ensuring that only authorized individuals gain entry. With MyLobby, visitors can pre-register through an online portal, providing their identification details and purpose of visit in advance. This streamlines the check-in process, allowing facility managers to review and approve visitor requests before their arrival.

Upon arrival, visitors can check-in using self-service kiosks equipped with MyLobby software. The system captures visitor information, including photos and identification documents, and prints visitor badges with custom access privileges. Facility managers can define specific areas or zones to which visitors are granted access, ensuring that they can only enter authorized locations.

2. Enhanced Security with Watchlist Integration

Facility managers are deeply concerned about potential security breaches and the entry of unauthorized individuals. MyLobby mitigates these risks by integrating watchlist functionalities into its visitor management system. The software can be linked with external databases, including law enforcement databases and internal watchlists, to identify and flag individuals with a history of security concerns or prior incidents.

When a visitor checks in, the MyLobby system performs real-time background checks, comparing visitor details against the integrated watchlists. If a match is found, facility managers are immediately notified, enabling them to take appropriate actions such as denying entry, alerting security personnel, or initiating emergency protocols. This proactive approach helps prevent potential security threats and maintain a secure environment within the facility.

MyLobby Visitor Management

3. Visitor Access Expiry and Tracking

MyLobby Visitor Management

Controlling the duration of visitor access is crucial to prevent unauthorized individuals from remaining on-site for an extended period. MyLobby simplifies this process by allowing facility managers to set access expiry rules for visitor badges. Once the access period expires, the badge becomes invalid, preventing further entry into restricted areas.

Moreover, MyLobby tracks visitor movements throughout the facility, providing real-time visibility into their whereabouts. This feature enables facility managers to monitor visitor activities, ensuring they remain within authorized zones and do not venture into restricted or sensitive areas.

In the event of an emergency or security breach, the MyLobby system provides accurate and up-to-date information on visitor locations, facilitating quick and targeted responses. Facility managers can also generate reports on visitor traffic, helping them analyze patterns, identify potential risks, and make informed decisions regarding access control measures.

4. Integration with Access Control Hardware

To further enhance access control, MyLobby seamlessly integrates with various access control hardware systems. Facility managers can connect the visitor management software to keycard readers, biometric systems, or other access control devices. This integration ensures that visitor access is aligned with the existing infrastructure and policies of the facility.

For instance, visitors can be issued temporary access cards or granted biometric access based on their registration and approval in the MyLobby system. This synchronized approach simplifies the management of both employees and visitors, ensuring consistent and secure

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