Why do Businesses need to Integrate Visitor Management Systems into Shipping and Receiving?

Visitor Management

Loading dockNowadays, businesses are integrating visitor management systems into their shipping and receiving areas. Just imagine losing over $250,000 in merchandise from a truck driver that backs up his rig to a shipping dock and receiving. Stating he needs to pick up an order. This particular driver is very calm, patient, and even charming but in reality, he’s just an impostor. And we’ve seen this in the past when an individual like a security guard walks into a grocery store to pick up cash to be deposited. The grocery store supervisor does not know that he is an impostor and ends up walking away with thousands of dollars in cash. These lax rules present opportunities for theft.

Visitor ManagementEven some companies only require the drivers to sign a document stating they picked up the order and print their name and the date on a pickup document. And off they go! No one is watching them, and the shipping dock may or may not have security cameras. Even if they do the security camera may pick up the head of people who are walking around in the building without getting a clear visual of their faces. This process makes it easy for thieves to be handed, in this case, a quarter million dollars of merchandise. When they realized the individual was not the actual driver of the shipping company, it was too late.

In this article, we analyze the common challenges for any business with a loading dock that is susceptible to fraudulent shipping activity and what they can do to improve upon it with MyLobby visitor management solution technology.


According to CargoNet’s data, thefts increased by 11% of incidents year-over-year.

We first discovered this challenge in the shipping industry when one of our Texas clients, who is a major industrial manufacturer. A driver came in confidently, asking for a specific order he was picking up. At the time, the company’s policy was to have all the drivers sign a pickup document to include their name, phone number, and email along with proof of ID. The gentleman went through the motions of complying with these instructions and then drove off with merchandise over $250,000. It wasn’t until three days later that they realized what had happened that the driver was an impostor and never delivered the order to their client, to date the merchandise has never been recovered.

The issue was that the company could not know what was happening. They didn’t have a system to track drivers or their equipment, so they were completely unaware of what had happened until it was too late.


Minimizing Identity Fraud

Nowadays, identity fraud is rampant, especially in the logistics industry. Criminals are using stolen driver’s licenses, fake IDs, and passports to gain access to facilities and steal from them. Visitor management systems can help to prevent this type of fraud. When a person enters the facility, it is a requirement for them to verify their identity. Also, it’s a requirement for them to provide information about themselves before having access. This way, it’s easy to spot any inconsistencies in their story or if they try to use someone else’s driver’s license as ID.

Mylobby visitor management system can provide a workflow that validates and authenticate each driver that’s picking up an order. The system can send a QR or PIN code at the entrance of the shipping door. We also have the ability to integrate this with access control so if the driver is not authenticated, then the door will not open. Furthermore, once they arrived the visitor management devices can capture the driver’s ID for additional validation. 


What is visitor management software?

Visitor ManagementVisitor management is the process of managing, tracking, and controlling access to your business premises. It can be achievable by using a variety of different tools or systems, including visitor management software. The software enables you to manage all aspects of your business, from visitors booking appointments to sending email and text notifications to your host upon arrival. It also provides the ability to do pre-screening for any type of visitor. In addition, it can also be utilized for security purposes. Which allows you to control access to your property and monitor its use by specific individuals or groups.

Visitor management solutions are a critical part of any organization’s security and compliance strategy. Integration with other systems provides additional benefits, such as automating the visitor check-in process and streamlining operations across multiple facilities.


Visitor Management for Shipping and Receiving

Visitor management should not be considered just for your front lobby but rather in any point of entry such as your shipping and receiving area. When I sat with John Liberatore, the founder of MyLobby, he shared some of his insights. “When we think of visitor management, we usually think of the front lobby and not the shipping and receiving”, John said.

“In fact, over the pandemic, businesses continue to operate without office visitors. Yet, there are still visitors such as truck drivers coming and going in the receiving area of your facility. Which is responsible for shipping products out to your customers. Rather, we need to think about visitor management not just in the lobby but also in the shipping and receiving area. Which is even more critical because it’s the bread and butter of your business.” He added.

This is why Mylobby developed a visitor management system that can help businesses reduce the chances of cargo theft. Mylobby visitor management system allows companies to manage their visitors and control who has access to certain areas of their premises. This is especially essential for companies that store valuable items in their warehouses or use them as a hub for shipping operations.


Visitor management software has several benefits for companies with shipping and receiving docks:

  • It allows you to control access to sensitive areas, such as the dispatch center or warehouse
  • It helps protect against fraud and identity theft by requiring visitors to enter a security code before gaining access
  • It helps to improve security, as staff can see who is currently in the building
  • It increases efficiency by allowing visitors to enter a security code before entering the facility
  • It reduces costs by avoiding unnecessary security patrols


Some of the things that Mylobby’s Visitor Management System can do include:

  • Visitor access control. MyLobby’s visitor management system can also help minimize theft by helping you manage who has access to your facility. This helps keep people out of areas they shouldn’t be in. Example, visitors needing time off or those needing special attention.
  • Screening questions. MyLobby visitor management system can help you ask visitors questions about their reason for being at your facility. Also you can ask about what they are looking for. This helps ensure that people aren’t wandering around aimlessly or have no business in some regions of your premises.
  • QR code sign-in. MyLobby visitor management system uses QR codes to scan from visitors. Which helps you ensure that the right people are signing in and out of your facility. If a family member or friend is dropping someone off at your location, you can enter them into MyLobby ahead of time. So they don’t have to wait in line.
  • If unauthorized guests will try to enter the facility, the application sends real-time alerts. In addition, vVisitor Managementisitors are also monitored through digital cameras for greater security.

MyLobby prioritized the company’s security and made it more efficient. The system has helped the company achieve higher security and compliance with its employees, customers, partners, and vendors. This has allowed the company to establish healthy relationships with its stakeholders. Which has helped them achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness.



Visitor management systems offer a range of solutions to the problems faced by logistic companies. They can help minimize theft in warehouses and other facilities and also help increase customer satisfaction. Using advanced technology such as RFID tags, QR codes, and cameras, visitor management systems provide an accurate record of every person who enters the facility. If you have any questions about how these systems work or what they can do for your organization, don’t hesitate to get in touch with MyLobby today!

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