How much does a Visitor Management System Cost?

I get this question all the time, and my first initial answer is if the visitor management system cost any money out of your budget then something is wrong. The real question is, How much money are we going to save your organization on operating cost? I say this because anytime a process can be automated it produces savings. 

Within this article, I will demonstrate three different examples:

1.  A telecommunications company saved thousands by condensing their Front lobby 

2. A manufacturing company that maintained their receptionist and capitalize on productivity, visitor engagement, and saving on part-time staff. 

3. The Property management company that discovered contractors and cleaning crews were abusing the sign-in sheets by signing in for other individuals and contractors signing out later than the actual time. 

I want to begin by saying, we understand, your organization is not going to spend money because something is cool or nice to have. Instead, the ink only hits the check when something shows the real value and reduces costs, and the MyLobby visitor management system platform does both. 

Before we begin, I need to state a disclaimer. I cannot reveal the particular names of organizations due to confidentiality. Having said that, when you watch the video or read this article is or read this article, you will immediately understand how this is possible from your own facility management experience to see for yourself the possibilities. 

Visitor management System implementation Example 1

This particular client had an unattended front reception area that was approximately 500 ft.² As they were growing they needed more production office space. Front desk Lobby was outfitted with a sign-in sheet, and then they try to use their makeshift system with the spreadsheet System with links to employees’ emails which didn’t work out for them very well. Anyhow, we managed to put in a kiosk just outside of their glass doors, and that took up only two linear feet of their production office space. And the old front reception area was converted into much-needed office space. The Math shows the Savings This particular office was located downtown Toronto a few years ago the market for office space was approximately $55 per square foot. Calculation, $55 x500 = $27,500 And they were calculating this for a five-year project, so we take 27,500 x 5 $137,500. That’s a significant amount of savings for the organization.   

 What is visitor sign-in system

Visitor Management System Implementation Example 2

This particular organization wanted to keep the receptionist at the front desk. They wanted to maintain receptionist at the front desk. Their key objective was to find a more efficient way of registering visitors. Once again, their challenge, as they had no additional funds to initiate the project. So you’re probably wondering, how did they pay for it? In their first three months their evaluation statement consisted of the following: 

1. The receptionist had more time to engage /chat with their guest and made them feel welcome. 

2. The receptionist that did extra admin work was a lot more productive as they were interrupted continuously between the phone and incoming guests and trying to track down their host 

3. Part-time receptionist to help process visitors at peak hours were no longer required. This one particular client hired a part-time receptionist from eight in the morning until noon. They did not tell me exactly how much she was getting paid but based on the quality of people I’m estimating conservatively $16 an hour $60 times 20 equals $320 per week $320 x $1280 per month.  

Visitor Management System Implementation Example 3

Property Manager Experience: discovered contractors who came in sometime in the afternoon and signed out after hours would sign out at a later time than they did. My client said, “contractors who are charging $95 an hour and stealing a few hours per month it adds up at the end of the year.” Secondly, the After-hours office Cleaning Staff were abusing the privilege of signing in and out on a logbook. One cleaner would sign-in for another. Sometimes the cleaner would show up a couple of hours late meanwhile Logbooks showed that he or she signed in at the usual time. This was because they would have their colleague sign-in on their behalf.  


To recap, if you have, a tight budget or even worse don’t have a budget and you really like the idea of having Introducing automation into your facility, the good news is we can help you. Furthermore, the efficiency your facility will gain with automation by connecting your employees and guests much faster will result in a better experience for all stakeholders.

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