MyLobby Visitor Management System for Events

A visitor management system can save you plenty of time for your organization and your visitors. So, when you are planning an event like a Job Fair, or your facility processing a large number of people where it requires pre-screening. It can take significant Human resources to operate. In these situations, this is where MyLobby’s Visitor management system shines. It is utilized as a self-directed prescreening Kiosk that can automate the whole process for any event. In this video, we will show you how. Here is what you will learn in this video blog:

  • How to save time processing mass amount of people for events Examples of events: – job fair – grand opening – gala – trade show events – conferences and seminars
  • You’ll learn how to save time and human resources
  • How to monitor and read a real-time dashboard of visitors that are coming to the event
  • Demonstrate how we can customize the front end to fit the event requirements

In conclusion, you can reap the benefits of automating your events with the MyLobby visitor management system. Are you planning a future event that’s going to require a lot of staff for processing your visitors? We invite you to entertain MyLobby as an alternative. If you have any questions or concerns if it will work, contact us, give us your requirements, and one of our specialists can propose a configuration that will address your requirements.

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