How a Visitor Management System Saves Thousands of Dollars

A couple of years ago a large telecom company approached us to help them solve their problem initially for a better way to connect visitors to their office with their employees, As a result, they were looking for a reliable visitor management system. This particular office had a very large front reception lobby without a receptionist.  

An automated attendant they purchased a few years prior replaced the position. They continued having a receptionist for a while just to greet visitors and do minor administrative tasks. Eventually, the receptionist was promoted to another department and the receptionist job was eliminated entirely.

Their goal was to track visitors that were coming to their building without having a receptionist contact the employee that was hosting the meeting. Initially, they made their own makeshift visitor management system. This homegrown solution consisted of a laptop and phone on the front desk counter with a list of emails and extension phone numbers of each employee.

The instructions for the visitors were for them to either email or call the individual they’re visiting. Although that was not the most effective either, they encounter a plethora of problems and this is why they contacted our visitor management system experts. To help them streamline their visitor management process.

  • visitor management system kiosk
  • Front desk automation
  • Connecting visitors with the employees faster
  • Visitor sign-in sheets or books are not confidential.
  • Sign-in sheets are not always very legible
  • Trackable database a visitor log –date and time stamped
  • Security protocol requirements are time-consuming
  • The host can be difficult to find if they are not at their desk receptionist

The collateral benefit was developing the large reception area into much-needed office space without sacrificing the visitor management experience. This particular organization was growing and they needed a lot more desks and we’re tight on space. They converted the reception area add more work-stations and a few more small meeting rooms. Furthermore, they negotiated with the landlord to put visitor management solution standalone kiosk just in front of their main Glass door entrance. In fact, today we have a new wall-mounted visitor management solutions that have no footprint at all.   

The Math on the Savings for the Visitor Management System 

The office space in cities like Toronto for a class A buildings lease for approximately $60 per square foot. In this particular case at the underutilized lobby on 200, Wellington in Toronto was 700 ft.² At the rate of $60 x 700 ft.² equals $42,000 a year. Or in a five-year lease is $210,000 in savings. Coupled with an annual receptionist salary of an average $40,000 per year over five years equates to another $200,000.

Total of savings $400,000 for a five-year period. That is not pocket change for any company. 

How much does your visitor management system cost? 

This is the most common question I get asked.   This usually makes me chuckle because the real question should be, “how much can our Visitor Management Solution save your organization? Another not so obvious cost savings was, not having to move from the present location. With a little ingenuity and resourcefulness, our client avoided having to uproot and move. Furthermore, relocating is disruptive for organizations and their employees. In conclusion, we significantly enhanced the visitor experience with our visitor Management System, also increasing their office space that was underutilized.

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