Visitor Management Software Free

What are Visitor Management Software Free Trials for?

Everyone’s looking for value for their money and no one likes surprises. This is why we offer a visitor management software for free. This gives your organization the opportunity to see if our visitor management software is the right fit for your organization. If you see the value, you will ultimately sign-up and join our community and help you with all your visitor management requirements. 

Some of the value that you’ll start recognizing:

  • Improved experience for visitors and contractors with fewer wait times
  • Track and reconcile all visitor types
  • Save money with less human
  • Maintain a digital log a visitors processed at your facility
  • Easily generate reports and export to a spreadsheet
  • Automated Reception Area

  We understand organizations today want to see the proof before making any commitment, this is why our Visitor Management Software Free trial is a reliable way to gain your trust and get you up and running in just a few minutes.

Tips on how to get prepared for – visitor management software for free.

Before you start your trial period, prepare a spreadsheet with three columns showing the following data: employee name, employ email and mobile number if provided. If you’re wondering why we need a mobile number is because the visitor management system has the optional feature to send members of your organization a text and email message letting even know there guess has arrived. At this point, you are ready to try your visitor management software for free without wasting any time.

During the free trial, you will not be able to print visitor badges. Configuring label printer will take a little extra time and a networking skill set which I’m sure your IT team can help you with once you’re ready to move forward. If the printing feature is an absolute must for free visitor management – trial period you can always contact us here 

During your trial period, if you feel that you need some extra support you can always reach out for help, go to  

Different Visitor Management Software Free trials and what they offer: Other Visitor Management Software offerings in the marketplace today provide a limited and quite restricted experience to certain features that don’t really allow you the full capability of the platform. MyLobby’s Visitor Management Software Free trial offers you access to some of its actual key features that take Visitor Management Softwares Free trial to another level. For instance, you will have access to features like:

  • Sign-out reminders
  • Export reports
  • Emergency mass notification
  • Pre-event registration
  • Visitor type
  • Visitor picture
  • Legal documents
  • Signed out reminders to visitors
  • Real human voice during guided prompts on tablets

Our goal is to give you the full experience so that you can make an informed decision. The only thing we ask is, if you’re having any challenges don’t be shy pick up the phone and call us at 1- 833-50-Lobby (56229) or reach us here. Our team loves helping customers!

What happens after your Visitor Management Software Free Trial ends?

In most cases, if you made it to the end of your Visitor Management Software Free trial allotment period, then it means you’ve actually liked the service it provides. We will start the process to switch over to a full active license once your subscription is initiated. At that point, when you are an active member of our community platform. You’ll start to enjoy the benefits of experiencing not just a new software, but a community of users that share the same vision and ideas; which is making your facility more efficient and effective with technology. Our goal is to help one another improve operations and facility management. An example of sharing ideas gave birth to our emergency mass notification module.

Our client shared some of their pain points, with their lack of corporate emergency messaging capability. With some brainstorming and many hours of development, we added a sophisticated emergency messaging module to the MyLobby platform. Let me be clear, this community of sharing ideas is not solely evolved around visitor management, but anything that has to do with your facility management and making your place of work better for visitors and employees. Ultimately, learning, sharing and inspiring is what makes the world a better place. As a software company, we are fueled by problems or challenges, we live for developing and designing SOLUTIONS. So much so that we have embodied the word SOLUTION as a strategy and perspective for our thought process when building software.

We have coined the word SOLUTION into the following acronym : Solve problems Observe and the problems Listening to our clients pain points Utilize existing technology – don’t reinvent the wheel (integrate) Transformative experience from before Innovate – new design, new features and offer more convenience Organizes data and displays it as per clients requirements New software = Ends the old problem  

This belief system has propelled us constantly to develop technology that helps businesses communicate more efficiently and effectively with display technology. When we get feedback from customers or from visitor management software free versions prospects, it provides us with this great opportunity to really engage with their problems and apply our solution strategy to see it we can make it work.

With that said, MyLobby’s Visitor Management software is constantly evolving. Our software engineers are continuously working on developing and engaging with new challenges on a weekly basis. Therefore, we invite you to collaborate by posting your comments and suggestions below. This will provide us with the opportunity to journey together into a better world for us all.

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