New Features

Navigating Change Together: Building a Healthier Work Environment

Feature List of MyLobby Visitor Managment

We have seen that organizations’ policies often change during this pandemic, which has led to many challenges for maintaining a healthy work environment. As such, we’re excited about collaborating with our customers and adding new features to address these obstacles together!

Government ID Scanning

MyLobby Visitor Management proudly introduces its newest feature: the revolutionary capability to scan your government ID effortlessly. This remarkable technological advancement significantly departs from traditional methods such as sign-in sheets or reliance on security personnel. We empower you to ensure precise and secure access control by integrating cutting-edge ID scanning technology into our system. Bid farewell to unauthorized entrants, as our robust solution guarantees that only verified individuals are granted entry, effectively fortifying your premises against potential imposters.

Digital Video Intercom

Elevate your premises’ security and communication capabilities with MyLobby’s cutting-edge Digital Video Intercom. This advanced system combines state-of-the-art video technology with instant two-way communication, enabling seamless interactions with visitors and guests. With crystal-clear video and audio, the Digital Video Intercom provides real-time visual confirmation and efficient remote access control, bolstering safety and convenience. Experience a new standard of modern intercom solutions with MyLobby, enhancing your ability to monitor, communicate, and manage access with unparalleled clarity and ease.

Visitor Management/Intercom

Effortlessly oversee visitors and engage in real-time communication through our integrated intercom system, setting a new standard for efficient and immediate correspondence. This all-encompassing device not only optimizes your operations but also fortifies security measures, all elegantly integrated into a single, sleek platform. Embrace the seamless synergy of cutting-edge technology and comprehensive security, brought to life by MyLobby’s groundbreaking tablet.

Membership Validation

Unveiling a groundbreaking addition to MyLobby’s repertoire: the revolutionary Membership Validation through Tablet feature. With this innovation, MyLobby leaps forward in simplifying membership access, fostering a seamless and profoundly secure user experience. MyLobby continues to redefine convenience and security, cementing its position as a trailblazer in modern access management solutions.

Emergency Notification

MyLobby emergency messaging module that keeps you connected and informed in the event of an emergency. With MyLobby, you can launch an emergency message right from your mobile phone, ensuring that all members of your organization are quickly and efficiently notified. It allows you to communicate specific instructions and directions instantly via SMS text message, and email. 

Import Watchlist

The import watchlist feature allows you to import a list of people that are not welcome in your facility that are essentially “Persona Non-Grata”

Events Calendar

The “EVENTS CALENDAR” is MyLobby’s feature which will let the user link their Google calendar to the MyLobby Visitor Management and broadcast the specific events/meetings events or meetings on your display screen or monitor.

Third Party Compliance

With the help of MyLobby, security clearance, and third Party screening integration, the process has been automated. Now all you need is a single THUMBS-UP click on your app, and MyLobby will do all the heavy lifting.

Automatic Reports

The “AUTOMATIC REPORTS” feature will allow the admin to generate daily, weekly, or monthly reports automatically. It also allows the admin to send the reports to multiple email addresses or accounts. It would greatly help the company’s daily reporting needs, especially in the daily attendance or entries of the office/building because it automatically gathers all the information and formats all of it as a report.

Pre-Screening Questionnaires

The Pre-screening or If-Then configuration enables the users to establish conditional sets of questions accordingly. Users can set a customized response when a visitor answers certain questions. You can modify your type of questions and type of responses you want your visitors to answer.

Badge Printing

Whether it’s a hospital or a commercial building, a badge like the one I’m wearing identifies I am compliant with your facilities’ regulations along with any CDC screening guidelines. And if OSHA or the local health department comes to audit your facility — showing is your guarantee to demonstrate you have a system in place and your organization is compliant.

Visitor Queueing

With our software solution, visitors can register their name onto our customer service system using a kiosk tablet or directly from their mobile phone. This way, they don’t need to take a ticket number anymore! Upon registration, visitors are assigned to an appropriate customer service associate who will be ready to help them as soon as it’s their turn. 

Express Sign-in

Easy set up for employees mobile sign in.

Access Control

MyLobby integrates seamlessly with your access control system to manage access efficiently and provide a secure environment for everyone.


Full Feature List of Visitor and Employee Management App

Pre-screening registration

Ensure your employees’ safety by screening visitors before coming to your facility.

Contactless Screening Compliance

Each individual uses a QR code for identification and easy tracking

Customizable Screening Questionnaire

MyLobby Touchless Temperature Employee Screening platform allows you at any time to customize your screening forms on the fly to address the needs of your organization

Employee Time and Attendance

Multiple functions as employees get screened. Pull reports to track Time-in Time-out. API integration with other payroll systems

QR code Sign-in capability

QR codes make it easy for employees and staff to sign in without touching the Temperature scanner

Two Way Communication

Once the users are notified that their guest has arrived, they can send a text back with a personal message to their guest letting them know they’ll be down to greet them in a few minutes.

On-Demand, Customized Printing Badges

Visitor badges are printed whenever they check-in.

Emergency Mass Notification

Send out a customized email and SMS message to your team or everyone in the building.

Something for everyone

Every business have unique challenges, therefore, we are able to cater and customize our application to suit your needs.

Call button integration

Easily initiate a call to a designated phone number at the touch of a button, eliminating the need to manually dial numbers or search for contact details.

Facial Recgonition

Employee Facial Recognition intergrates with door access control

Onboard Temperature Calibration

Temperature calibration ensures temperature readings stay accurate

NFC Sign-in Capability

With your own NFC or fob card, you can sign-in and get your temperature scanned within seconds

Temperature Scanning

Scan Temperature of Visitors and Staff entering your facility

Utilizing the tablet’s front-facing camera

You have the option to enable a photo capture option, which will automatically take a photo of your visitor when they check-in. Once captured, the image will be added to your visitor log along with other check-in details.

Legal and Compliance Documents

Ensure all visitors comply with facility requirements and easy contact tracing.

Cloud hosted solution

Makes setup easy and seamless for your team.

Get all the hardware

Own all the hardware you need to set up MyLobby Non-contact Infrared Thermometer in your business.

Get the complete solution

MyMedia offers full service setup, from installation and configuration. We also provide full project management.

Government ID Scanning

Quickly and accurately verify the authenticity of government-issued identification documents, such as driver’s licenses, passports, and national IDs.

Event Registration

User-friendly and efficient solution designed to simplify the process of signing up for events, conferences, workshops, and various gatherings.