SP Industries Visitor and Contractor pre-screening Compliance Procedures

SP Industries Visitor and Contractor pre-screening Compliance Procedures. ​

Recently we have made efforts to streamline our compliance procedures to expedite the process. Today, you can do your screening Screening from your mobile or computer browser. After completing the screening, the system sends you a QR code invitation via email. You must show your QR code at the front Lobby Tablet kiosk once you arrive on site. 

This experience is very much like doing your pre-flight check-in. Once you have completed the sign-in at the front lobby, your host (contact person) will receive an email and possibly a text message informing you that you have arrived.  

If you’re going to be visiting our facility, you need to do a pre-screening questionnaire by clicking this hyperlink or scanning the QR code below: 

Once the individual submits the form, our compliance team will receive an email notification queue for processing. The individual will receive an email informing them of their request being approved or denied. The approval email will provide a QR code so they can use it to sign in at the front lobby kiosk. If you forget to fill out the questionnaire, a QR code sign in the lobby will redirect you to this questionnaire.  

If the visitor forgets to fill out the questionnaire, the front desk personnel will redirect them to fill out the screening questionnaire. Below are images of the workflow questionnaire visitor will experience.