Non-contact Temperature Screening

Non-contact Temperature Screening Kiosk

The most important part of facility logs is maintaining proper records. Daily entries made by the operator without omitted steps are essential to effective evaluation and contact tracing protocols. The use of logging solutions with a non-contact temperature screening  can help maintain compliance with local guidelines while reducing time spent manually formatting and updating them. To decide which solution is right for you, consider the two formats: manual, paper logs or automated electronic solution

Non-contact Health screen is a  Plug and Play  platform that ensures facility compliance is a service that lets any visitor not only check-in but also provides patented Non-Contact Health Screen technology which allows the user to receive an electronic health screen virtually anywhere, anytime from the convenience of their PC or smartphone. MyLobby into a fully developed digital automated health screening platform. We now have a solution that serves as a multipurpose tool for Visitor Management, Health Screening, Time and Attendance.  Easy sign-in with :

  • Facial Recognition 
  • QR Code
  • NFC card
  • Phone and Pin