Health Screening For Employees

Prioritize Employee Wellness: Introducing Our Comprehensive Health Screening Tool

Health Screening Form

MyLobby is an all-inclusive, one-stop health screening form that takes the hassle out of tracking compliance. Our digital questionnaire system produces efficient and fully compliant results while reducing overhead costs at your facility! 
Don’t risk being fined for lack of compliance by using our self-monitoring checklist to make sure you’re safe from start to finish.

MyLobby is an all-in-one wellness screening system for institutional settings that minimizes the need for expensive human resources. It speeds up check-in time, reduces room turnover times, and increases compliance to mandatory screenings because caregivers answer questions instead of scrubbing medical forms every day.

Setup your health screening process with just a few clicks at MyLobby’s easy interface. With customizable screens based on individual business needs, you can also create custom narratives or company guidelines to be followed by staff members before allowing any adults into your facility. What are you waiting for?