Employee Management System

Employee Management System

Without an Employee Management  System, it is hard to do be in compliance with the CDC and OHSA as we go back to work.  MyLobby makes it easier because they have a solution for Employees to answer questions on their phone and then the answers are updated on a central encrypted server in real-time. It also works as a visitor management system, which means that all visitors go through the same process of compliance.

COVID-19 Screening App

Is it easy to use for your HR and Facility Managers

Employee management software for Covid screening

This app makes it easy for employers to stay compliant with OSHA requirements. The app will help you keep track of all the employee health screening results from one central location and all data is encrypted. MyLobby has partnered with CDC and OSHA so that employers can be in compliance with their guidelines. See how it works at MyLobby.co

With the MyLobby Employee Management System employees by giving them a personalized URL to sign in on their mobile phone. Once signed into COVID-19 questionnaire and any other additional questions, they can use this system’s touchless infrared thermometer if required. All entries are stored onto the software for compliance officers who receive texts from noncompliant messages right away! 

How does the Employee Management System Work?

COVID-19 Screening App

The MyLobby Employee Management System has a real-time dashboard for the compliance managers that that shows the entries of employees, visitors and contractors. This way we can verify whether or not each individual was screened properly against CVID 19 risks. One of these verification methods includes date stamping an approval checkmark on their badge which will be given when successful completion occurs. We also have access to this information through our online portal where it shows who’s been approved too! (add the image of the printer) 

Other features for employee management:  


  • Attendance management 
  • NFC sign in  
  • Facial recognition 
  • Emergency mass notification 
  • Pre-registration 
  • Customizable screening questionnaire 
  • If then statement questionnaire 
  • Email and SMS notification 
  • Temperature scanning and calibration 
COVID-19 screening app