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Traction Guest, with its heavy emphasis on security and compliance, has undoubtedly made its mark in the VMS industry. But is there an alternative visitor management to TractionGuest that offers the same, if not better, without the often impersonal touch of large-scale software? Enter MyLobby.

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Alternative Visitor Management to Veristream

One of MyLobby’s standout features is the ‘Success Coach’ program. Unlike the standard customer support or helpline, this program is a testament to MyLobby’s commitment to its clients. Each client is paired with a dedicated expert, ensuring a hands-on approach from setup to everyday operations. A plug-and-play system further distinguishes MyLobby visitor management. 

Clients are provided with tablets, pre-configured with essential details, ensuring a hassle-free setup. These tablets come equipped with customizable questionnaires, reflecting the unique needs of every business. This program offers an Alternative Visitor Management to TractionGuest, showing MyLobby’s dedication to innovative solutions.

MyLobby Visitor Management System Multi-Pronged Solution for Efficient and Secure Access

Consider a large educational institution in Texas, with thousands of students, staff, and daily visitors. The challenge? Efficiently managing the influx of visitors without causing delays, all while ensuring the safety of its students. MyLobby’s solution was multi-pronged. Using its pre-screening feature, visitors could undergo background checks before their visit. On the day, a simple QR code scan facilitated a seamless entry. Moreover, the institution could customize the questionnaires, ensuring they catered to the specific security concerns of an educational establishment.

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Another scenario highlighting MyLobby visitor management’s adaptability involves a multinational corporation with offices in various global locations. Each location had its own set of visitor protocols, influenced by local regulations and cultural norms. MyLobby’s system allowed for location-specific customization, ensuring compliance and cultural sensitivity across the board. This approach offers an Alternative Visitor Management to TractionGuest, demonstrating MyLobby’s dedication to innovative solutions.

In wrapping up, Traction Guest’s offerings in the Visitor Management System space are commendable. However, for organizations seeking a blend of technology, security, and a human touch, MyLobby stands out as the superior Alternative Visitor Management to TractionGuest.

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