Enhancing Securities and Efficiency with MyLobby Visitor Management for Hospitals

Visitor Management for Healthcare

This blog will explore how MyLobby’s innovative platform transforms visitor management for hospitals and healthcare facilities.

In an ever-evolving world, security has taken center stage like never before. Hospitals and healthcare centers, as sanctuaries of healing, are also responsible for safeguarding individuals and families who seek solace within their walls. Unfortunately, amidst moments of vulnerability, security can be compromised, posing potential risks to patients and staff. Therefore, it becomes imperative for every healthcare facility to adopt a robust and comprehensive visitor management system that not only identifies each visitor but also fortifies the very essence of security within its premises. Join us on this journey as we delve into the transformative power of MyLobby Visitor Management. This innovative solution elevates security measures to new heights and fosters a haven of safety within healthcare.

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Visitor Management for Hospitals That Streamlined Check-In Process

MyLobby Visitor Management offers a user-friendly and intuitive self-check-in kiosk system that lets visitors register quickly and efficiently upon arrival. Gone are the days of cumbersome manual registration processes and long queues at the front desk. With MyLobby, visitors can input their information, such as name, purpose of visit, and contact details, in just a few simple steps. This not only saves time for both visitors and administrative staff but also enhances the overall visitor experience.

Pre-Registration for Planned Visits

MyLobby allows hospitals to implement pre-registration features for planned visits, where visitors can register online before arriving. This expedites the check-in process and enables hospitals to manage visitor flow better and allocate resources more effectively. Pre-registered visitors can receive QR codes or confirmation emails, making their check-in smoother.

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Advanced Security Management Features

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Safety and security are of utmost importance in healthcare settings. MyLobby’s visitor management system integrates with watchlists and security databases, enabling real-time screening of visitors against potential threats. This feature ensures that only authorized and safe individuals can access the premises. Additionally, MyLobby can issue customized visitor badges with QR codes granting access to specific areas based on visitor permissions.

A Visitor Management System That Has The Ability to Sign in Using Your Driver's License

MyLobby Visitor Management goes beyond traditional registration methods by integrating a cutting-edge feature that allows visitors to sign in using their driver’s licenses. This ingenious capability ensures a heightened level of identity verification, providing an added layer of security and trust. When visitors present their driver’s licenses at the self-check-in kiosk, the system swiftly scans and validates the information against a reliable database. This confirms the visitor’s true identity and enables hospitals to keep a digital record of authorized individuals entering the premises. By harnessing the power of advanced technology, MyLobby establishes a secure and seamless check-in process, bolstering the overall safety of healthcare facilities.

Visitor Management for Healthcare

Call Button: Transforming a Visitor Management Tablet into an Intercom

Recognizing that moments of uncertainty may arise during check-in, MyLobby takes visitor assistance to a whole new level with its integrated Call Button feature. The visitor management tablet transforms into an intercom wear, bridging the gap between visitors and on-site security personnel or administrators. Should a visitor require any form of assistance, whether it’s navigating the registration steps or seeking additional support, a simple touch of the Call Button instantly connects them to a helpful resource. Trained professionals stand ready to guide visitors, address inquiries, and provide any necessary aid over the call. This real-time communication enhances visitor experience and reinforces the sense of safety and care within the healthcare environment.

Contactless Check-In

In the era of the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond, contactless interactions have become imperative. MyLobby recognizes this need and offers touchless check-in options. Visitors can use their smartphones to scan QR codes at designated kiosks or even conduct check-ins remotely through mobile apps. This reduces physical touchpoints and minimizes potential infection risks.

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Real-Time Reporting and Analytics

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MyLobby provides healthcare administrators with valuable insights through real-time reporting and analytics. Hospital management can access data on visitor traffic, peak visitation hours, and popular visitation areas. This data can be leveraged to optimize staffing, security measures, and facility layouts.


MyLobby Visitor Management is revolutionizing how healthcare facilities handle visitor registration, security, and overall visitor experience. By embracing MyLobby’s cutting-edge technology, hospitals can ensure a seamless check-in process, enforce enhanced security measures, and gain valuable data insights for efficient facility management. As the healthcare industry embraces digital transformation, MyLobby stands at the forefront, offering a solution that aligns perfectly with the evolving needs of modern healthcare environments.

Visitor Management for Healthcare
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