MyLobby Visitor Management Automation

Visitor management system

MyLobby Visitor Management Automation System is the Solution for today’s workplace challenges.

In this article, we discussed the following how the MyLobby Visitor Management automation system provides a solution for:

  • A tight labor markets
  • Increasing security at the front desk and throughout the facility
  • Expedites compliance procedures
  • Increases operational efficiencies

It is no secret that the labor market is tight, and finding reliable receptionists and qualified front desk security specialists is difficult; a recent study by Think Security shows 70% of respondents believe that turnover is a real problem in their industry. One Solution is replacing it with a Visitor Management Automation system like MyLobby. However, some might be skeptical that the kiosk tablet cannot replace a human. However, we can replace the human that performs a repeatable and predictable task. For instance, many of us have experienced doing a pre-flight check-in from our own Digital devices, which produce a Q.R. code for a quick check-in once we arrive at the airport. Today we can do the same in our workplace lobbies.

The evolution of the front desk reception

If you’re still not convinced, let’s look back at the automated attendant that answers most of the incoming in the workplace.

Since the late 70s in the early 80s, telephony technology has allowed incoming callers to be transferred automatically to an extension without an actual receptionist. So much so that I’m always surprised when a real person answers the phone. I suppose it’s because we have become accustomed to hearing an automated attendant directing our calls. Now we’re seeing the evolution of an automated front desk attendant replaced by a Visitor Management Automation system that can lead you to your host or where you need to be more efficient than an actual receptionist or security guard.

Some examples of how the MyLobby Visitor Management Automation is more effective than a receptionist or security guard :

  • The receptionist cannot always locate the host employee at their desk
  • Increases paging of employees through the P.A. system increase noise and disruptions
  • More wait time for visitors and hosts trying to connect
  • Security guard typing a visitor’s name to make a visitor badge is a slow manual process.
  • When the receptionist or security guard is either late or unable to come to work, it causes disruptions for the visitors and hosts conducting meetings or events in the facility.
  • Covering break time requires additional resources, or a vacant reception displaces the visitor management process.

For the last few years, we are witnessing an increase in the unattended desk that is becoming the norm. The hybrid workplace model has seen a drop in visitors coming to the workplace, forcing facility managers and operations folks to rethink the front desk role. The question becomes how do we reimagine the front desk without security, guard, or receptionist, without sacrificing the convenience and security in the workplace?

Let’s look at the role of the daily duties of a security guard or receptionist at the front desk.
  • Greet visitors
  • Direct visitors to their host
  • Ask them any compliance screening questions, such as Covid or trade compliance questions, and provide any government-issued I.D. if required.
  • Document the visitor in and out time in the logbook
  • Provide a visitor with a visitor badge
  • Document the visitor in the logbook
  • Notify the employee/host their visitor has arrived at the reception

Conversely, let us now analyze how the MyLobby Visitor Management System tablet automates the process.

  1. The visitor enters their name and details into the MyLobby and tablet kiosk. Or scans their pre-screening Q.R. code.
  2. The kiosk will ask them a series of customer questions
  3. Upon a successful entry, it will send an email and text message to their host, letting them know they have arrived.
  4. MyLobby visitor management system will print visitor badges that can also be customized.
  5. Optional access control can open unlock the door to let the visitor in

MyLobby Visitor Management Automation System

Pre-screening workflow

Earlier, we mentioned the pre-flight check-in process. We also offer a very similar process. We agree that pre-check-in saves us time, especially if you’re just taking Carry-on luggage. Essentially this process consists of general questions about your destination and your nationality. Once you have completed the process, it provides us with a Q.R. code as our pre-boarding pass. You can either print it off or have it available on your phone to show the ground attendant your ticket. 

Similarly, MyLobby Visitor Management can provide the same function. We send the visitor a pre-screening link, and they fill out all of the details and then return the visitor receives a Q.R. code link.

How does MyLobby Automate pre-screening restricted party access for visitors and contractors?

In many cases, companies must monitor who enters and leaves their facilities. Visitor management allows companies to keep track of visitors’ names and identification, who they are meeting with inside the facility, when they arrived and when they left, and information about any sensitive documents that were checked out during their visit.

Some of these facilities are governed by regulations, such as:

ITAR = International Traffic in Arms Regulations is a United States regulatory regime to restrict and control the export of defense and military-related technologies to safeguard U.S. national security and further U.S. foreign policy objectives. To comply with T.A.R., companies need information about what goods, services, or technologies should be restricted from exporting; where they are located within a company; which countries are involved; how much exports affect U.S. homeland security; and what technologies are restricted for sales to Iran or North Korea.

Compliance MyLobby Visitor Management
MyLobby compliance US a non-US person visitor badge

E.A.R. = Export Administration Regulations 

the Export Administration Regulations (E.A.R.) are a set of regulations found at 15 C.F.R. 730. They are administered by the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS), part of the U.S. Department of Commerce. The E.A.R. governs whether a person may export a thing from the U.S., export a thing from a foreign country, or transfer an item from one person to another in a foreign country.

As you can imagine, many paperwork and processes must be followed to support these regulations. As a result, it is challenging for compliance teams to ensure everyone who enters the building complies with these regulations. This is why organizations use MyLobby to facilitate the automation of this compliance process.

We do this by providing visitors with a pre-screening website link to respond to a set I’ve customized screening questions.

Also, MyLobby integrates with third-party screening systems like Descartes Visual Compliance. If the individual is approved, the MyLobby platform will email a Q.R. code invite to the visitor. Or if the individual is not approved, they will get an email informing them that their submission is not accepted for access to the facility. They must communicate with the organization’s compliance team to make alternative arrangements.

If your guest forgets to do the pre-screening. They could also use the visitor management tablet in the lobby of your facility to do their screening. MyLobby will then display a green pass on the tablet that your submission is successful. Or, if not approved, you will get an orange prompt informing you that the compliance and security team has received notification that you have been denied.

MyLobby Visitor Management
Prescreening registration automatically sends you a QR code to expedite your sign in

Also, MyLobby can print a badge identifying either U.S. or non-US visitors. The label provides a clear indicator of the degree of access. The individual has once they are in your building.

Automating compliance with MyLobby allows the compliance team to screen these individuals before arriving on-site, which leads to a frictionless experience for both the visitor and the individuals hosting them.

Once your organization has MyLobby integrated with your third-party compliance, it will be like, putting your compliance process on automatic pilot. And more importantly, you can now ensure that everyone entering the building is compliant.

Trade compliance is automated with my lobby visitor visitor
MyLobby visitor management system puts your trade compliance on automatic pilot.


How does MyLobby Visitor Management System increase security at the Front desk and throughout the facility?

Often the front reception is attributed to serving the function of receiving visitors, but it is the first line of defense.

So, what are some of the potential security risks at the workplace front reception?

-Individuals with bad intentions can quickly gain access to the building by presenting themselves as visitors.

-Visitors may not be screened correctly or at all, which could result in an attack on staff or other employees.

-Facility managers should ensure that there is a plan of action if an emergency occurs at the front desk and they are not present to handle it personally.

A visitor management system can be a great first line of defense against would-be attackers. It can also reduce the risk and cost of security breaches and improve overall workplace safety. A visitor management system allows you to:

-Identify visitors before they enter your facility and record their arrival time, date, and reason for being there.

-Capture vital information about each individual (name, phone number/email address), so you can follow up with them if necessary.

The Value MyLobby Visitor Management Offers:

Within this article, we’ve demonstrated that MyLobby visitor management cannot only automate your visitor registration but I can also:

  • Streamline and ensure complete compliance
  • Improve corporate security
  • Execute all the functions of a receptionist or a security guard in a more automated manner

Lastly, it’s important to note that humans can make mistakes or provide favors to skip compliance, potentially introducing significant risk to your organization. Systems like MyLobby visitor management can never bend the rules. And you can sleep better at night knowing MyLobby has you covered.

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