Real-time Hot Desk Occupancy Tracking for Hybrid Workplace

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Some people feel a bit skittish about returning to the office or any environment with many people around them. Some experts say we’re getting a handle on Covid but expect an upsurge this fall. Many of us don’t fear dying from Covid. Still, the prospects of getting sick from Covid, especially with more transmissible variants, can make individuals think twice about coming to the office.  MyLobby Hoteling App has a built-in Occupancy Dashboard report so you can see the occupancy level on each separate floor. It’s like having a WAZE traffic app for your office.   And right from the MyLobby hoteling app, you could book your hot desk.  

Hoteling AppMany employers want to make their employees feel comfortable about coming to the office. So having an opportunity to get real-time traffic report is an excellent resource for your employees to provide a gauge to find the appropriate time and Office space. Furthermore, the occupancy has different reports for each floor. The MyLobby Hoteling App allows organizations to capitalize on underutilized Office space.  

The social spurs a new opportunity to save upon Office real estate. Currently, offices are running at about 40% capacity. There’s a significant opportunity for organizations to reduce their footprint while also maintaining any future occupancy restrictions. As the MyLobby hot desk booking app allows you to adjust the maximum occupancy level at the administrator level. For example, if your office has a capacity of 200 in the event, we’re experiencing another surge of Covid. The restrictions require a 50% capacity reduction, the administrator can easily adjust it in MyLobby parameter settings.  

As more people prefer to work remotely, the office has become a hybrid workspace. Where employees can choose where they want to work daily. Hot desk occupancy tracking allows organizations to monitor the activity levels of their employees within their spaces to ensure those who need space are getting it and those who don’t aren’t wasting it. But how does this work? This article will weigh some of the pros and cons of Hot Desk occupancy tracking and how it works. 


What is Hot Desk Occupancy Monitoring in the Workplace, and How Does it Work?


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It’s simple: we make it easy to track employee desk occupancy. Much like a hotel booking system. The system requires you to enter your date and the type of hot desk, private office and meeting you require. Once you set your date and times, MyLobby queries as to what’s available. That it shows you in listing much like to the hotel listings. It will show you a picture of your cubicle hot desk or private office. Also, it will list equipment that you can expect to see, they’re like a 24-inch monitor or any audio video equipment in your meeting room. This allows you the opportunity to make an informed decision to see if that particular room or desk is appropriate for you on that particular day.

Although if you prefer to look at a floor plan because you may want to be sitting beside your preferred area in the office you could also select a floor plan view. 


List ViewNow for the check-in process, we use low tech to make the sign-in process seamless. At each desk, you’ll find a QR code. The individual that has booked a room will have to scan the QR code to check-in. If they do not check in within 15 minutes of their time the hot desk, private office or meeting room will go back on inventory. Now life does happen, so if you’re 20 minutes late all you need to do is go to that same Hot Desk scan that QR code and it will ask you “Reserve this Office?” Once you say yes it takes you to the same process it assumes the start time is now and the second screen Field is.

For example, hot desks in co-working spaces or home offices where multiple individuals may share one computer while working from different locations throughout the day. In this case, software like MyLobby Hot Desk enables administrators to monitor real-time employee activities, regardless of whether they’re near each other within one building or across several countries! 


To learn more about the MyLobby Hot Desk App, click here.


Misconceptions About Occupancy Monitoring in the Workplace


Hot DeskThere are many misconceptions about occupancy monitoring in the workplace. Some people think it is a security system, which is not valid. Some people think it’s a spying tool, but it’s not. Others believe occupancy monitoring is a way to track employees—but they are wrong! Finally, many people think that occupancy monitoring is a status mechanism for equipment—and they couldn’t be more wrong!

Occupancy monitoring is none of these things; instead, it’s simply an effective way to ensure your hybrid workspace stays safe and organized and most of all, available space for your team members or employees coming to the office to have the appropriate hot desk, private of or meeting room to have an effective workday. Not only does occupancy monitoring help track whether your workplace needs to be fully utilized for its intended purpose, but it also helps plan and forecast future needs.  


Benefits of Real-Time Desk Occupancy Monitoring for Hybrid Organizations


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The introduction of real-time desk occupancy tracking for hybrid organizations can bring several benefits. The major ones include:

  • Increased productivity 
  • Capitalize on underutilized Office Space 
  • Reduced costs 
  • Improved workflows 
  • Increased employee satisfaction and productivity, which leads to higher customer service levels 
  • Improved collaboration between teams 

In addition to these benefits, our customers have seen an increase in customer satisfaction. As their employees can perform tasks on behalf of their colleagues when unavailable. 

As a business owner, you constantly look for ways to improve efficiency and productivity. MyLobby Hot desk occupancy monitoring is a simple way to do this by reducing the cost of unoccupied desks, improving employee satisfaction, and improving workflow quality. 


Why Use MyLobby Hot Desk Occupancy Monitoring? 


You might think that if your employees are doing their job, it doesn’t matter whether they’re sitting at their desk or not—but you’d be wrong! While it’s true that employees who don’t need constant supervision can get more done when they’re not tied down to an office. Being able to see what your workers are up to is still essential for a variety of reasons: 

  • You can better track your workers’ productivity. 
  • You can better plan for staffing needs. 
  • You can more easily spot trends in the workplace and adjust accordingly. 

Powering Hybrid Collaboration with Hot Desk Utilization Data


With hybrid collaboration, organizations are getting the best of both worlds: office space and telecommuting. How can you ensure that all employees—whether in an office, remote, or travelling—get the most out of their time?

Hybrid collaboration allows people to work from multiple locations and shift their attention between devices. For example, they may start the day at a desk in the office with a laptop. Then go home after lunch to work on the couch with a smartwatch and mobile phone.

This kind of flexible working presents new challenges for IT managers who want to provide employees with an optimal experience in both their physical and virtual environments. One way you can use occupancy data is by tracking how many people occupy different spaces at any given time during your business hours. For example: if only one person is sitting in your cubicle. While five coworkers occupy an open conference room right next door. There’s no reason someone couldn’t use that space by inviting others over for impromptu meetings or collaboration sessions! This kind of real-time insight into which areas have been occupied will allow you to optimize the way that space is being used. And also help foster more engaged teams by encouraging them into more spontaneous interactions with each other. 




We know that many organizations want to become agile but don’t know where to start. Luckily, we have you covered! This article explored some of the most common misconceptions about real-time desk occupancy monitoring and how it helps your company. Also, we explained why hybrid workplaces need this kind of technology to keep up with today’s fast-paced business world—and what they stand to gain from it. 

We hope we’ve shown you that tracking desk occupancy is possible and a good idea. We know it can be very frustrating to have empty desks in your workspace, but with the help of our MyLobby Hot Desk app, you can make sure none of your precious space goes to waste! 

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