Space Management Software is the Tool that helps Employees Make Returning to the Office a Seamless Process

For many organizations, the need to quickly transition to remote work has highlighted the importance of having a robust and flexible space management solution in place. This is where space management software comes in. The right solution can save your business time and money, but with the ever-changing technology landscape, it can be very challenging to keep up with the latest trends.

This article will give you an overview of how space management software can help you and your team return to the office, capitalize on office space with less time, and make a safer post-pandemic workplace.

The Need for Space Management Software

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how businesses operate in various ways. One of the areas that have witnessed a lot of change is how companies manage their space. Additionally, as the pandemic continues to take up our day-to-day life and business operations worldwide, space management software and applications play an essential role in helping businesses adapt.

From retail stores and restaurants shifting to online sales and delivery to office buildings and factories, reducing on-site staff and optimizing space usage have become essential to survival. Certainly, space management software provides the tools and insights needed to make these changes quickly and efficiently.

MyLobby Space Management Admin DashboardFor example, by tracking how customers move through a store, workspace management software can help retailers reposition stock to meet changing demand. In office buildings, it can be used to create social distancing plans that minimize contact between employees. Also in factories, it can help with layout changes to allow for more social distancing or even enable production lines to be reconfigured for new products.

In addition to helping businesses adapt to the pandemic, space management software can also play a role in post-pandemic planning. For example, it can help to evaluate different scenarios for reopening offices and stores or for reconfiguring factory floors for new products.

This tool can handle more expansive, complex information than other asset management applications because it is designed to keep track of everything in and on space, allowing for a bird’s eye view of all that is running or installed. When a manager needs to make any sort of tweak, the tool typically will enable them to drill down to whatever area needs it.

Why Make the Switch?

There are plenty of reasons to switch to a digital space for business. For one, it’s fast and easy to set up. You can have your new digital space up and running in seconds without any headaches or hassles.


Space management vendors have started building new features to help brands handle pandemic-related issues. They are mainly trying to maintain an effective workforce while keeping them safe. For example, as part of this process, you will need to establish new maximum occupancy thresholds and find ways to enforce them. You will also need to maintain minimum distances between employees and integrate it with contact tracing. MyLobby Space Management Software

Recently, MyLobby added a contact tracing button in their employee/visitor management application. The application keeps track of everyone entering the facility, and in the event that someone has Covid, it can track who else came into the building at that same time as that particular individual. The CLOSE CONTACT BUTTON on the application will send an e-mail to all of the employees and visitors that were in close contact with that individual. In fact, CAL/OSHA has now made this mandatory.

Another reason to switch is that it’s more efficient. A digital space for business allows you to manage your inventory, track sales, and communicate with customers more effectively. It also frees up time that you would otherwise spend on paperwork and other administrative tasks.

Overall, there are plenty of good reasons to switch to a digital space for business. It’s fast and easy to set up, more efficient, and better for the environment. If you’re looking for a new way to run your business, digital space is worth considering.

The Future of Space Management Software

There’s no contradiction that we live in a fast-paced world. Whether you’re a Human Resource professional or a facility/operations manager, deadlines are non-negotiable. You need to persistently be on the lookout for new and emerging technologies that will help your company save time, cut costs and increase productivity. Here’s a look at where space management software is heading:

  1. Flexibility will be essential. Nowadays, many employees are choosing to work remotely; companies need to be able to adapt their space usage accordingly. Office space management software will need to be flexible enough to handle changing demands.
  2. Integration will become more critical. Space management will need to integrate with other business applications, such as property management software and visitor management systems. This will allow businesses to get a complete picture of how their space is being used.
  1. Data analytics will play a more prominent role. Workplace management software will need to provide better data analytics so that businesses can make informed decisions about their space usage. This could include things like heat maps of where people are working within a space and analysis of peak times and usage patterns.
  2. The user experience will matter more than ever. With so many choices available, businesses will need to focus on providing a great user experience with their space management software.

The key to getting employees back into the office is making the hybrid workplace as frictionless as possible. And this has been the main focus of the Mylobby space management software, making it easy for employees to go back to the office.

To explain how we do that here are some of the features that make this experience frictionless:

  • Real-time occupancy dashboard
  • Booking what’s available by list view or floorplan. Similar experience to booking a hotel room
  • Find a colleague
  • Zoom and Microsoft Teams link fields available to create a Hybrid meeting
  • Easy sign-in with QR code

How to Get Started With the Mylobby Space Management Software

So now that you decided this is something that you want to do, you’re probably thinking, do I have time to initiate this office booking app? You probably don’t. The good news is that; the MyLobby service team can help you get everything set up from A-Z.Mylobby Space Management Software

Here are a few things that your MyLobby project management team will need from you:


  1. Floorplan for each floor outlining hot desks, private offices, and meeting rooms.
  2. Numeration of each of the desks and private offices.
  3. Pictures of the meeting rooms and private offices. Outlining the specifics of the meeting room, such as how many people it accommodates, along with what Audio Video hardware is available in each room, such as; 50 inch LCD screen or high-definition projector and any other conference equipment available.
  4. An e-mail introduction to all of your employees letting them know to download MyLobby space management software on the play store or App Store.
  5. We will send you a PDF of all the QR codes that you would need to print and paste on each hot desk, private office, and meeting room. These QR codes are used for signing in. If the individual does not sign in, these offices will go back on inventory as available.

MyLobby is a cloud-based office management solution that helps businesses of all sizes manage their space more efficiently. Their space management software provides a central platform for managing visitor registration, employee access,

meeting room bookings, and more.

MyLobby’s space management software offers several features that make it an ideal solution for space management, including:

  • Visitor Management. MyLobby allows businesses to register visitors and track their movements throughout the office. Additionally, helps companies to keep track of who is in the office at any given time and make sure that only authorized personnel has access to areas of the building.
  • Employee access. MyLobby space management software provides businesses with the ability to manage employee access to specific areas of the office. This helps businesses to control which employees have access to sensitive areas, such as data centers or executive offices.
  • Desk Hoteling. MyLobby makes it easy to book meeting rooms, work stations, and track usage. Additionally, this helps businesses to optimize their meeting room usage and ensure that employees can book rooms when they need them.
  • Reporting. MyLobby provides detailed reporting tools that help businesses track their space usage and identify trends. This information help to improve space utilization.

Why Should You Choose Mylobby?

Mylobby has the resources to be a real partner to your team. Our full-service fulfillment team can get your solution up and running in just a few days. In addition, your account rep will be there for you every step of the way, from onboarding to everyday usage. You can e-mail or call them if you have any challenges or you need to make some changes. 

Significantly, Mylobby space management software is always evolving. We’re constantly getting input from our clients to add features. Most of these new features will be offered to you at no additional cost.

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