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According to a Gallup poll, Hybrid work has “increased in 2022 (from 42% in February to 49% in June) and is expected to further increase to 55% of remote-capable workers by the end of 2022 and beyond.” And 60% of these workers prefer a long-term hybrid work arrangement. This article talks about how you can utilize the MyLobby Hoteling App in a hybrid environment to capitalize on this opportunity. 

When the idea of hybrid workspaces was introduced, everyone from the young entrepreneur to older businessmen or women seized upon it. There was no question that a mix of freelancers, consultants, and company employees would work well together. But as we can see from recent articles and reports, at least in some cases, this is not the case.Hoteling App

One of the trickiest parts of adapting and sustaining innovation in a traditional office environment is the cost—costs like renovations, energy bills, renters, or lease contracts. What many people don’t know, though, is that hybrid workspaces can save them money and time – not to mention better morale. And with so many benefits, why wouldn’t businesses flock to this type of workspace? The following article will provide insight into a hybrid workspace, its advantages over a traditional setup, how it revolutionizes meeting spaces, and how some companies are using this new way of working.


What is a Hybrid Workplace

The term “hybrid workplace” is starting to enter the business vernacular as more and more companies adopt flexible work policies. But what does it mean, exactly? A hybrid workplace combines traditional in-office work with remote work. Employees can work from home or come into the office, depending on their preferences or needs.

The hybrid workplace is an innovative model of work that combines the flexibility of remote work with the benefits of face-to-face collaboration. This model is becoming increasingly popular as businesses and employees alike are realizing the benefits it has to offer.


What the experts are saying

Hybrid work environments are here to stay. “It’s the future,” says Julie Rokke, a senior leader at Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE). “People are going to want to work in this kind of environment, and companies that provide it will attract more people.” So far, the hybrid workplace is not just a trend—it is becoming an inevitable reality for many businesses. It is changing how we think about and organize our jobs and how we approach relationships with our bosses and coworkers. 

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Hybrid Workspace’s Impact on your Business

Suppose you are one of the entrepreneurs who is already spending money on office space. It is essential to evaluate whether or not the benefits of a hybrid workplace outweigh the costs. Here are some ways that it could save your company money:Hybrid Workplace

  • Lower real estate costs: If your team is spread across multiple cities and states, hybrid workspaces can lessen the need for office space and long commutes. This means that less time to travel back and forth between locations, and more time can spend to work on projects in person. Also, they will use fewer resources on travel expenses such as gas mileage or plane tickets (if employees use public transportation). Fewer people in an office also lead to lower utility bills because there are fewer lights turned on throughout the day.
  • Lower furniture cost:  Hybrid workspaces often require less furniture than traditional workspaces do because they aren’t confined by walls—therefore requiring fewer chairs around desks so people can move freely from one area of their cubicle to another without bumping into each other all day long!
  • Reduced rental costs: The less space your company needs to operate, then the more money you can save on rent each month. This means that companies that implement hybrid workspaces will see a decrease in overhead costs associated with leasing office space, which will ultimately reduce overall operating expenses over time.
  • Reduced utility costs: As we mentioned earlier, hybrid workspaces require fewer HVAC and lighting systems than traditional office buildings do because walls don’t confine them. Companies who implement hybrid workspaces can expect to see a reduction in utility bills over time.


However, there are a few potential negatives to having a hybrid workplace. First, it can be challenging to manage employees who are in different locations. You may need to invest in technology that allows for remote communication and collaboration, and you may need to provide additional training for employees who are not used to work remotely. Additionally, there can be a lack of team cohesion when employees are not physically present with each other regularly. That is why we created MyLobby Hoteling App to ease the process and helps you set up everything.

What is MyLobby Hoteling App?

The MyLobby Hoteling App is a hybrid app for booking office spaces, venues, and media rooms. It has a simple and user-friendly interface. This app also has a feature of location tracking. This app is available at no cost on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Hoteling AppHow Does The Hoteling App Work?

The MyLobby Hoteling App offers services for your company’s main and satellite offices to track your employee’s desk assignments and office occupancy status in real-time. Mylobby’s desk hoteling service allows your employees or workers to book their desk spaces, meeting, and media rooms seamlessly. They can make their bookings in an interactive floor plan. So, they can choose the right spot to be productive at the office. In this way, your company can maximize office space and occupancy utilization. The system also features QR code sign-in to avoid inconvenience and lengthy processes. 

On the other hand, MyLobby Hoteling App also offers a visitor management system. It allows your staff to easily monitor who enters and exits the office/facility in real-time. Additionally, it features a tracking system. It tracks the entry of each visitor to ensure they are following security and health protocols. What’s excellent about this feature is that it automatically notifies those who are in charge if a visitor is non-compliant.

MyLobby Hoteling App: The App that Saves You Time Setting Up Your Hoteling Office Booking!

Do you want a Hoteling office booking out but don’t have time to set it up? MyLobby does it for you! MyLobby Hoteling App offers mobility, flexibility, and efficiency.

Hoteling App

  • Flexibility. With a hybrid workspace, workers can access the same resources from anywhere and anytime. This allows for increased freedom in location, such as working from a coffee shop or co-working space during non-peak hours. This means, employees can work remotely, when they would prefer to stay at home or choose their schedule each day.
  • Mobility. Employees can move freely because of the accessibility offered through IT tools. This cloud technology stores data in virtual servers instead of on actual devices. Employees will worry less about losing access to their files by uf they have limited storage capacity on their devices.
  • Efficiency. Employees who have the training on how to use MyLobby Hoteling App spend fewer hours to troubleshoot some connectivity issues. While they are away from the office, they will be able to connect directly with coworkers from anywhere. This can be done by using applications like Skype for Business or Slack.


As you have probably guessed by now, hybrid workplaces are here to stay, and they are going to be fun! The increase in flexibility, means that you can choose how much time you need to spend at your work and personal life. If you completed your tasks in the office, then there is no reason why you cannot head home early. It means spending more time with family or friends. On the other hand, maybe the thought of leaving an hour earlier is enough motivation for employees to finish their work quickly. Either way, employees will be rewarded with more free time during their week because of this new type of workplace arrangement that allows them more freedom than before.

In addition, efficiency increases when you work remotely. This is because there aren’t any distractions from coworkers who may distract their attention away from doing things quickly. Which would take longer if done in person due to having face-to-face interactions all day long.

The MyLobby Hoteling App is an innovative solution for your business. It provides you with the tools needed to manage your office space quickly and efficiently. Interested to learn more about this new technology,? Contact MyLobby today! You can reach out by phone at 866-636-0636 or visit us at

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