Hoteling Office Booking App for Hot Desks & Meeting Room Booking

Are you or your business moving away from traditional office space and wondering how to schedule meetings and hot desk rooms? MyLobby Hoteling is the perfect app for scheduling meetings, hot desks, and office space. 

MyLobby Hoteling booking APP is a solution to the challenges of scheduling meeting rooms. It makes it easy for employees to get back to work with the confidence and trust in their employer to provide a safe work environment. That allows them to pick the right office, hot desk, or meeting when it meets their schedule. 

Value of MyLobby Hoteling Office Booking App

MyLobby Hotelling booking app easy to use
  • Search for open spaces and book them instantly 
  • Integrates with MyLobby Health, your health screening app 
  • Invite friends to huddle at the office 
  • View available meeting spaces with floor plan  
  • Sign in with a QR code  
  • Track and trace logging  
  • Noncompliant notifications of individuals entering the facility 
  • Easy setup  

Integrates with Daily Health Screening

It also integrates with the MyLobby daily Health screening app that ensures everyone coming to the office does not pose an infectious health risk to their colleagues. Throughout the pandemic, OSHA has outlined guidelines to keep track of employees and visitors entering the workplace, implementing health screening for each employee and tracking each entry. This was a manual process for many organizations. 

Our solution automatically captures each entry with screening questions they would have to respond to from either a mobile device or a tablet kiosk in the entryway. And if someone is not compliant, it will send an email and SMS notification to the appropriate compliance personnel in your organization to intercept these individuals from any potential risk facility.

How does the MyLobby Hoteling Office Booking App work?

MyLobby Hoteling booking app iPhone or android

Imagine you want to book a hot desk, private office or meeting room. All you need to do is launch the MyLobby Office booking app or Hoteling booking app. As soon as you log in and see your homepage, which can be customized with your company logo, you have three categories to choose from  

Hot desk 

Private office 

Meeting room  

If you decide you want a hot desk next step is to choose your date and time. Next, you’ll be allowed to look at it from a List view or map view. Inlet view, you’ll see a series of desks to choose from. The floorplan view will open up the floor plan of your office. You can choose the floor and building if you have multiple buildings to choose from, and the floor plan will load up on your screen with green dots over desks showing what’s available. The red dots show that someone has already booked that spot. You might also see the not available red dot with a white line in the middle indicating those spots are not available.  

The hierarchy of booking private offices and meeting rooms.

We’re now in a hybrid work environment doesn’t mean you could book almost any desk or meeting room you want. Everybody would love to book the boss’s office or an executive office. MyLobby office booking solution has logic that associates and employees’ position two different tears of booking availability.  

The MyLobby administrator, upon uploading all of the employee tags, each employee with the appropriate levels of access to offices starting from levels 1, 2, and 3 . Level three is reserved for executives and VPs. This is just an example; the administrator also has the option to make everyone in the organization at the same level if there is a desire to do so.  

MyLobby’s innovative Contact Tracing integrates with our bookings system and keeps records of attendees.

Everyone wants to feel safe in their work environment, especially when Covid variants are still looming and other parts of the world are still experiencing lockdowns and restrictions. But many employees are still asking themselves, if I go back to the office even for just a couple of days a week, am I at risk?

Through the height of the pandemic, the MyLobby screening app and temperature screening tablets were used by thousands of employees every day. Many of these essential workers from corporate operations, healthcare workers, and manufacturers were exposed to grade about it and certainty. And their employers knew this. They implemented stringent protocols such as mask mandates and temperature and CDC screening. Doing this manually with human resources was expensive. MyLobby automated the whole process to ensure that everyone coming into the facility was compliant. These protocols consisted of:

MyLobby Hotelling Office booking App integrates with health screening applications
  • CDC questionnaire
  • Temperature detection
  • Mask detection

Furthermore, any individual that was not compliant MyLobby solution sent an email and SMS notification to the compliance team. This ensured that everyone in the facility what is following strict health protocols. Depending on the screening level, the workflow could either pair with the temperature integrated smart tablet, or the full screening process could be completed on a mobile phone. All entries are captured on the MyLobby backend dashboard to enable contact tracing capability. This gives employees a sense of protection, knowing that everyone was screened upon entering the building.

Visitor management and screening system

Additional value offers visitors an entirely new experience by ensuring they feel confident that their interaction with your business, office or workplace is safe through MyLobby’s visitor management software.

Wrap up of MyLobby Hoteling Office Booking App

Get the MyLobby Hoteling Office Booking App and create a safe workspace that is simple, accessible, and affordable. The MyLobby onboarding team will help you set up your hybrid workplace, and you’ll be up and running on the same day.


MyLobby Hoteling Booking App is a comprehensive yet simple to use solution for your organization’s hot desk, office and meeting room booking needs. It makes the job of everyday employees a whole lot easier, so they can concentrate on what matters in their jobs: doing them brilliantly. Critically, the MyLobby Hoteling office Booking App also integrates seamlessly with our MyLobby Health screening app. You can ensure all your employees comply with health standards using the same technology with appropriate consent.

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