The state of California reinstates Mask Mandate or Face Covering

The California Public Health Department has announced that the state will be reimposing its indoor mask mandate amid fears of a new wave of COVID-19 infections. California’s mandate, which resumes Wednesday, will last at least a month when the state Public Health Department “will make further recommendations as needed,” officials said in a statement.

Why is the state of California implementing a mask and face-covering mandate now?

California state health and human services secretary, Dr. Mark Ghaly, mentioned with the anticipation of the next wave of gatherings during the year-end holidays — experience from the previous year pandemic restrictions — influenced the decision to bring back the mandate.

The rule was reimplemented “to ensure we get through a time of joy and hope without a darker cloud of concern and despair,” he said at an afternoon teleconference.

The mandate doesn’t apply to private gatherings, however.

“Wearing a mask is going to be one of the most important things to get us through this period of uncertainty,” Ghaly said.

How to Enforce Mask Mandates Or Policies in Workplace and Public Places

Traditionally we see signs on the door telling employees or patrons to wear a mask or face covering. Some individuals ignore it entirely or others are simply oblivious and did not actually see the sign.

From my own personal example, LA fitness in my county still has a mask policy but I sometimes forget to put it back on after I complete and walk away from my stationary elliptical or bench press station. The sad part is, it’s very common among other team members and they are getting a lot bolder and walk around the whole gym without wearing a mask. It’s quite intimidating for a young 20-year-old-year-old skinny guy to approach “a man from Brussels Six-foot-four, full of muscles.” I couldn’t resist throwing in lyrics from Down Under Men at Work.

The Novel Coronavirus is Propelling Mask and Face Covering Innovation

It’s simply not sustainable to hire additional staff or security services ensuring people are taking their temperature or adhering to any other CDC health screening questionnaires. If you look at the recent past we have innovative technology such as an automated attendant directing calls or key cards instead of keys for door access control. Granted, they were invented in happier days when a pandemic was not motivating any of that innovation. Nonetheless, crises like 911 quickly improved airport security. As humans, we adapt we innovate. This is why MyLobby’s team of engineers and developers have been working long days and weekends to help organizations improve the health and safety of their environment. In fact, in Q1 of 2022, we’re going to have the ability to have live video cameras that you can mount will count individuals entering the building and it will detect if they have a mask or face covering being worn.

You probably noticed retailers are hiring door people to count how many visitors are inside the building. This comes at a great cost, especially in a job market where it’s hard to find people to commit to this work. The point is we’re getting a lot more complacent because we’re all sick of Covid. But it looks like coronavirus is not sick of us and decided to invite the whole Band Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma and now Omicron. Not to be confused with the President of France Micron. ( I know I’m notorious for bad jokes) 🙂

The main point is nobody enjoys enjoying the role of being the mask-enforcer as it’s a very contentious issue that often leads to heated arguments and physical altercations. Having a kiosk or tablet that it’s trucks and reminding everyone that you need to wear your mask to be compliant and grant access to enter the facility is a lot less personal and, most of all, a lot less aggressive. Furthermore, it dramatically reduces your staff’s exposure to potentially Covid 19 positive visitors, other employees, and contractors.

Mask and Face Covering Detection Technology

MyLobby’s compliance kiosks have built-in MASK DETECTION technology to ensure individuals who are not wearing masks or face coverages while entering into areas with a strict policy will be identified and prevented from continuing forward. This is safety concerns of both themselves and others around them aren’t compromised by an unplanned breach in protection practices!

Where in California can you see our Mask Detection working?

Fresno Housing Authority is an agency that provides Mission is to provide a vibrant community servicing residence, landlords and developers.

When the pandemic started, they recognized the need to automate the CDC COVID questionnaire screening process. MyLobby platform is a health screening app with different workflows for different visitors.

Fresno Housing required a different workflow depending on the type of visitor. For instance, if you were a landlord or a resident, you would have a different workflow. In addition, the reporting capability on the MyLobby visitor management system allowed them to see the metrics of the type of visitors that were coming into. In addition, they were able to address the need for track and trace capabilities if there was an outbreak.

The project evolved into a Visitor Queuing system that populates the names of the individual on a display board on the wall and assigns the clerk’s service desk number they would be going to. Throughout the development, the management team also decided to have the MyLobby visitor queueing system call out the name of individuals if they were not looking at the display board.

Other locations in California Mask detection and Covid screening App: Queen of the Valley – Napa CA, Saint Joseph’s Hospital Hospital – Eureka CA, Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital – Santa Rosa CA and Booker T. Washington Community Center, – San Francisco CA.

How do the mask and Face Covering Technology work?

MyLobby AI Technology has an algorithm built-in on a tablet; as the visitor, contractor, or employee signs in, he can detect if they’re wearing their mask or face covering. He gets very granular see if your mask is not covering your nose, it will give you a warning let you know that you’re not wearing your mask correctly. If you are not compliant, it will immediately send a text message and email to the compliance team.

Incorporate Mask and Face covering this with a Health screening app

Before entering the workplace to Screen, Employees and visitors will have a few different options to sign in. They can either sign in directly on the tablet or from their mobile. They will go through the daily health checks – Covid 19 attestation right on the health screening app. If they are unvaccinated, they can upload their proof of negative Covid test. Suppose they completed the screening process on their mobile device. In that case, they will be given QR codes that will allow them to pair with the MyLobby Tablet located in the employee entrance or main lobby to complete the Health screening process to validate mask compliance and temperature if required. If they are not compliant, it will send an email notification to their Host or to the compliance department.

All of the data health screenings entries are stored in real-time on an encrypted server. Employers will also have the ability to report all of the entries. In addition, the add temperature checks are shown as a PASS/FAIL or the actual temperature on the backend of the MyLobby system.

The Value of Mask Detection in your Facility


You no longer have to worry about non-compliant employees entering your facility because our system stops them before they even enter! We know how vital Compliance is to keep people safe from infectious diseases, so we made this easy and affordable for all organizations. Don’t wait any longer – get started today!

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