Employee COVID 19 Daily Screening and Vaccination Tracking App

Employee COVID 19 Daily Screening and Vaccination Tracking App

MyLobby.co is a COVID-19 daily health screening solution that allows lets employees and visitors do self-health checks and simultaneously log their results and in an encrypted server. If the individual is not compliant as per the Covid 19 protocol with the health and safety, HR, and in the case of visitor, the host will get the message of non-compliance. Furthermore, Employees/visitors can upload supporting documents such as proof of vaccination or Antigent test results.

All the Features Health Screening you need

MyLobby COVID 19 health screening app is assessing the risk by indicating if the individual is high or low risk. It provides a coded message with different colors from green, yellow, red, and black. Furthermore, the messages can be customized to report the employee or visitors to communicate the directions in real-time such as ” contact your manager to make alternative arrangements due to your non-compliance. Or you can communicate a message to an unvaccinated individual with a message such as” Wait in your vehicle. We will call you to register you.. ” these sorts of messages bring a great deal of convenience because if someone is trying to sign in they can do that outside in their car using the mobile app on their phones by scanning a QR code in the parking lot and if they are indeed someone at risk of further exposure we can keep them in their vehicle until the clinic is ready to see them. Furthermore, we can also generate a queueing display board do you know which visitor a patient is next.

Covid-19 Health Screening App

COVID-19 screening visitor Queueing display board

This pandemic is also introduced a new social norm of SOCIAL DISTANCING. We are all a little bit more sensitive about our distance and personal space. As a result of the need to have a visitor queueing there’s a new feature that we introduced in June 2021.

Covid 19 screening que board

As visitors or patients sign in it allows the admin team or triage staff to direct the patient or the guest to the appropriate desk or room. This alleviates congested waiting rooms, makes contact tracing easy, and makes the whole process more seamless.

How does the screening app work?

How does the MyLobby health screening app work?

Employees can sign-in in a variety of ways:

  1. Respond directly from your mobile device With a unique URL that you could save as on the desktop of your mobile device. This will look like an app on your mobile phone. When you click it it will greet you with a home screen and a message like ” Welcome back John Doe please answer the daily COVID-19 health screening questions below” the question
  2. A key fob on the on-site sign-in tablet. If you are an employee you can sign in with a key fob or your access card as the device has a near field communication (NFC) on the tablet. And of course, it takes you through the daily COVID-19 questions.
  3. QR code. This QR code identifies it to you and you follow the same process as you would with the NFC card. This process can also be used for visitors if they did a pre-screening at home, in the parking lot, or in the lobby utilizing their phone to answer the prescreening question, and then it would generate their own unique QR code that they can scan on the tablet and then it would print them a badge indicating they have been screened.
  4. The manual process is also available by simply typing onto the tablet your name or using your mobile number if you are a user, member, or employee. This will expedite the process online.
Covid 19 Employee screening app

Free Health Screening Covid 19 App

Very soon MyLobby is going to be able to offer a free health screening app for smaller organizations. This would be a great opportunity for facilities that are using paper and pen to capture the phone number for contact tracing. Individuals will simply scan a QR code to write down their name and phone number. The records and data will delete after a set number of days it cannot be saved or exported. This is to ensure the application is used in compliance with licensing.

Visitor Management

What is the value of the MyLobby Covid-19 Screening App?

Once the Covid 19 screening has been implemented the benefits that will be:

  • Reduces waiting time by 60%
  • Allows for accurate, fast, and immediate employee login
  • Keeps the lobby area safer with a quick check of those entering daily
  • Impressive visitor experience with a  sophisticated health screening process 
  • Compliance Officers and department managers will get notifications of Covid 19 screening status
  • Integrates with Covid-19 questionnaire for quick modifications • Monitoring, contact tracing tracking on a central server.
  • Save time and money with increased employee efficiency
  • Faster turnaround of data for staff and management
  • Reduce customer complaints from unhappy customers
  • Covid 19 screening is easy with their mobile app
  • Mass notifications are available for emergencies or on a scheduled basis
  • Quickly edit the consent health forms to change company policies
  • Visitor and employee Covid 19 screening solutions all rolled into one
  • API for a third-party integration available for Covid 19 screening solution

Mylobby is the perfect way to increase your ROI during this pandemic. Our solutions cost less than a cup of coffee per month and can be set up quickly with no hassle for a free trial period so we can determine what you need in order to improve the visitor experience

Our Solution is currently serving thousands of organizations in North America that are all saving money by taking advantage of our state-of-the-art technology, human intervention reduction solution that helps them achieve peace while still complying fully with COVID -19 standards.

Contact us today to get started with the service and start your free trial.

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