Achieving CDC Compliance with MyLobby COVID-19 Health Screening App

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Achieving CDC Compliance with MyLobby COVID-19 Health Screening App

If you’re wondering how to achieve COVID-19 compliance without relying on human resources. This article will explain to you how to do it and how to ensure OSHA Will be completely satisfied with your system COVID-19 screening results.

A COVID-19 compliance app will enable you to automate COVID-19 checks in your company, this COVID-19 screening software is proven to be very accurate and will ensure OSHA approves of their COVID-19 testing.

COVID-19 Screening App sign-in options

Option 1. Your employees can sign in with an NFC card or fob for an Express entry.

Option 2. QR codes are known as QUCIK RESPONSE the symbol has your ID that states who you are rather than you sign in your name every single time. Once you’re signed in the same process as above where you can respond to the daily covid health screening questions on your mobile app.

Options 3. Is the most convenient option is saving the unique URL on your home screen to your mobile device since you’re signing in every day MyLobby COVID-19 screening solution launches with your name pre-populate. For example, the screening app will have the homepage stating. ” Welcome back John Doe, please respond to the screening questionnaire”

Option 4. You can log in using your phone number. Once you type in your number into the tablet your name will appear for confirmation and then It will take you to the same sequence of events to respond to the COVID-19 screening questionnaire.

If the temperature is not required, you could do the screening directly on the app bypassing the tablet.

COVID Screening App

Covid screening compliance is a challenge for any organization, whether it is a COVID-19 firm or not. COVID-19 screening compliance is a heavily manual process, which consists in devoting time and resources to COVID-19 compliance in order to keep patients, staff, and visitors safe. This article will focus on how you can automate COVID-19 screening compliance in a hospital, corporate, education and public environment by using an automated COVID-19 screening mobile app that runs from your mobile devices.

The pandemic has been extremely dynamic and ever-changing, this is why you need screening software that can be customized to accommodate any changes that the government may impose or with your own health and safety guidelines.

A feature that we launched a few months ago is the if-then statement. Or also known as being an if-then question. For instance, if one of the Covid screening questions is ” do you have a runny nose? And if the respondent says yes you could ask a conditional question ” is this runny nose seasonal” the individual employee might have seasonal allergies, and not showing any other covid 19 symptoms, therefore, would not be deemed as non-compliant to one of the Covid screening questions. This is just one of many examples of how your COVID-19 screening app can utilize the if-then statement.

Encrypted code for employee health screening

What happens when someone is not compliant, who gets the notification?

There are a lot of Covid screening applications in the market. The problem with many of them is they don’t provide a very thorough way to confirm compliance. Sending an email to compliance for a security officer to an Organization just isn’t enough.

Imagine a scenario where an organization has over 700 employees, one or two compliance managers cannot efficiently enforce that the personnel is not to be on-site and also simultaneously inform their department that that individual will not be able to perform their duties in a timely fashion.

My lobby Covid screening app has the capability of sending the non-compliance message to multiple individuals within the organization. They could also be segregated by the department. For instance, if John Doe works in accounting and is not compliant with the security and John Doe’s manager who is the supervisor of the county department will get a text and email notification simultaneously. Also, if Sally in marketing is not compliant her marketing manager and the compliance officer who is in charge of employee health will get a text message instantaneously.

COVID Screening App
COVID Screening App

The value of this feature is dividing the responsibility of compliance so that not just a few individuals have the burden of managing multiple of my compliance notifications. This can be divided by department or by location

Mask Dectection for COVID-19 screening app.

Most states have mandated to wear masks at the workplace. the MyLobby software can detect if each employee and visitor is wearing their masks before entering the workplace. With this same efficiency, not only will your employees receive their masks but they will also be able to keep track of who is compliant and who isn’t with ease with the MyLobby Dashboard.

Furthermore, if you integrate it with your access control it will deny entry to the dividual’s that are not wearing their masks. This feature will ensure that everyone is coming in with their mask worn properly upon screening which alleviates managers or employee health officers from policing mask compliance.

So if you’re dreading and concerned about implementing and budgeting for daily health screening it no longer has to be a daunting task. Modern-day technology can handle this day-to-day challenge much like the way Voice automated attendant manages incoming calls to your organization.

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