North American Consumer Electronics Giant Sees Results with Fast and Efficient Employee Health Screening to Protect Employees and Ensure Compliance

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A leader and global manufacturer of imaging and optical products employ many workers in their New York head office. Throughout COVID-19, the company was experiencing inefficiencies in its COVID-19 employee health screening process with safety being the largest concern. As per the NY Forward Safety Plan, before employees and essential visitors report to work, they must complete a mandatory health screening assessment (including a questionnaire, temperature check), with reviewing and documenting of responses completed daily. As a result, the company was searching for an omnichannel solution that would be less laborious and time-consuming. Furthermore, they wanted to ensure adherence to government guidelines.


The consumer electronics leader was recording symptoms and thermometer readings using a pen-and-paper-based method. There was no official sign-off that indicated the results were accurate. Employees could not enter the building early. Staff was instructed to wait until the compliance personnel set up a screening station five minutes prior to 7:55 AM. All in all, this process took up to 45 minutes of an employee’s day. Workers did not have the autonomy to self-screen, which would’ve helped to kick off the workday faster. Furthermore, the well-known technology establishment addressed the following issues:

No Reports Generated With Detailed Analytics: It was difficult to manually track at-risk employees and take note of trends without a central dashboard. This would create extra work for the compliance team.  (Add image of pen and paper.)

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Absence of Alert System In Case of Emergency: Situations could not be responded to with a sense of urgency if there was an employee or visitor exhibiting onset of symptoms without an emergency mass notification system. This raised the fear of outbreaks.


The ultimate goal was to find a comprehensive Covid-19 screening solution. Particularly, one that would build confidence while improving productivity levels for employees and essential visitors. The business wanted to ensure protection from a liability and litigation standpoint, as well. The collection and documentation of health screenings were very manual utilizing the workforce versus automated. To prevent fines or temporary shutdowns, the company realized the importance of adopting new processes and procedures to minimize the spread of COVID-19 without compromising health and safety.


The large corporation turned to MyLobby to automate the employee covid 19 process. This included alerts based on indicators such as fever symptoms, facial recognition to detect who has been scanned versus who hasn’t (to eliminate a gatekeeper), and the main server that would reference instantaneous or real-time results. 

MyLobby’s COVID-19 employee management system is more than just a temperature app. It allows for tracking, contact tracing, and monitoring of COVID-19 questionnaires screening. Also, employee and visitor attendance logs, as well as instant notification of non-compliant entries. Keeping versatility and cost-effectiveness in mind, we were able to deliver a seamless workflow solution:

Providing an All-In-One Solution: The corporation considered MyLobby’s competitors, but ultimately chose MyLobby for its system’s flexibility to help with the safe entry of employees and essential visitors. It could be expanded to various offices worldwide and customized based on the organization’s use case(s). MyLobby’s system follows industry best practices and the company has a seasoned background within the visitor management space, an improvement in continual employee safety could be assured. Thus, MyLobby was chosen as their preferred vendor for Covid 19 screening solution. 

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Going the Extra Mile: MyLobby took the time to understand the location’s requirements and structure the approach accordingly. The business was looking for a turnkey service with limited time and resources at the peak of the pandemic. The IT department was working at half capacity and required assistance in programming the NFC keyfobs. MyLobby was able to assist during this crucial transition that was difficult due to organizational resistance towards change. Ultimately, it concluded very rewarding. 


Even before COVID-19, MyLobby’s top priority has always been to promote employee onsite safety. The transition towards a people management system allowed MyLobby to help with contact tracing. Moreover, it helped to build an employee and essential visitor roadmap from signing in at the beginning of each day to signing out and going home: 

Executives No Longer Have to Spend Time doing the Employee health Screening: Key stakeholders, including executives within Human Resources, had to become involved with the screening process supplementary to their remainder duties. It was very challenging to be at the front lobby before 7:55 am. To set up stations every day and begin screening employees using pen-and-paper, as well as a thermometer, was difficult. Many distractions were presented with alternative deliverables that were due at the time, which left room for potential error. The switch to MyLobby’s automated system now provides employees and essential visitors with touchless access. Built-in temperature scanning with onboard temperature calibration helps with ensuring accurate temperature readings. Customizable screening questionnaires address new needs on a whim. As a result, staff was able to return back to their regular responsibilities. The company feels a large sense of relief related to efficiency. 

Long-term Solution for Streamlining the Covid 19 screening Process: The enterprise’s major concern was if the screening apparatus would still be required once the risks of COVID-19 are diminished. With 15 years of experience in the visitor management space and 200,000 monthly active users, MyLobby could promise that a transition to a security management system would help to address visitors and external workers to ensure safety even beyond the pandemic. Paper logs are a thing of the past and people management systems guarantee highly effective risk management. 

Employees Feel Safe Again, Hooray!: A recent survey in Canada shows that 52% of Canadians feel anxiety towards the post-pandemic world following the easing of restrictions and rules, including going back to work. This is likely a mutual feeling worldwide. The most important question any organization should ask during this transition is how health and physical threats can be avoided to prevent dangerous scenarios, and that’s exactly what the industry leader acted on. 

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MyLobby helps organizations of all sizes save time and money, removing the need for tireless paperwork while modernizing data collection and heightening security architecture. Protect the most important aspect of your company, your employees, today by learning more about how you can amalgamate our system into your front reception area. Contact us, today to get started, toll-free for a free demo at 1-866-636-0636. 

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