A Health Screening App Will Ensure You’re Compliant With the CDC; Here’s Why You Should Implement One at Your Workplace Immediately

Real-time compliance notification

With more offices reopening, there are best practices that can help keep employees and essential visitors safe. Employers should invest in a health screening app that can conduct daily COVID-19 assessments at the click of a button. Although COVID-19 cases are falling, companies must ensure ongoing compliance with COVID-19 requirements. The vaccines are helping for now, but COVID-19 could make a comeback this fall. How will your company be prepared?

By using MyLobby’s health screening app, employees can conduct self-screening assessments within seconds at the entry point. e questions on a whim to keep up with public health measures and advice. The benefits include automated reporting and lessened paperwork for compliance personnel.

The Fastest Way to Screen Employees

Just imagine, as an employee, you complete your screening questionnaire in advance of work. No more long wait times for screening queues. Scanning of the QR code, followed by touchless temperature screening can be done within seconds. You’re no longer late to work with your boss wondering where you are or missing from your 9 am meeting, hooray! 

For employers, revising the questionnaire is possible within just 30 seconds. Thus, the compliance team doesn’t have to go through the tediousness of manually altering the COVID-19 control plan regularly. Safety and security are top priorities for corporations. Data is stored in an encrypted server and accessible to select managers only.

MyLobby has helped industry giants with multiple locations reduce bottlenecking from paper-and-pen-based methods. As a result, the integration of the health screening app ensures a smooth and seamless transition to complete daily screenings. Employees and visitors are screened and granted entry based on their health status so minimal risk of transmission is imposed on the entire office.

Debunking Common Hesitations About a Health Screening App

“Staff would still be involved and need to help to clean the equipment“: MyLobby has acknowledged the uncertainty around employees or visitors who don’t have a smartphone. The health screening app is only contactless with the use of an individual’s smartphone. In this rare case, the individual could utilize their company laptop or the physical tablet itself. The risk of contracting COVID-19 via a surface is very minimal, even with variants being more widespread. Thus, staff does not have to worry about excessively cleaning the tablet as this would also be an uncommon scenario. The more significant risk is employees or visitors waiting for extended periods in person to be manually screened. Furthermore, completely eliminating surface touch is impossible with virtually any in-person process. However, MyLobby is in the process of launching voice control, which will further support going touchless.

People management systems minimize operational and human resources costs, including hiring more staff to assess COVID-19 related tasks. Employees can focus on other duties and responsibilities that are urgent versus experiencing persistent stress from the front desk. Therefore, a health screening app helps to increase productivity in the workplace.

Lack of Integrity Without a Health Screening App

“Employees and visitors would not answer questions truthfully, so we should just stick to passive screening”: A face-to-face screening process does not take into account a sign-off, which is included in MyLobby’s health screening app. Sign-offs help ensure that documentation received is accurate, and a company will not be held liable for inadequate screening. A similar scenario would be when a person is filling out a declaration card at the airport. 

Employees and visitors can be hesitant to answer questions with integrity if there is little to no privacy. With long lines in the front lobby, individuals standing close together could overhear screening answers. Alternatively, anonymous questionnaires keep sensitive information undisclosed.

Passive screening allows employees to assess their risk factors and if they should report to work. On the other hand, active screening requires the employer to collect and review information to determine if a person can enter the workplace. One of the largest advantages of active screening via a health screening app is receiving alerts regarding an employee’s work status. Furthermore, the technology can send emergency mass notifications via SMS or email if escalation is required. This would be difficult to physically implement without a health screening app. 

Health Screening Apps and the Older Generation

“Older adults would have a hard time with the technology”: Touchless commerce has re-introduced QR codes, especially during the COVID-19 era. Just think about restaurants utilizing QR code menus now, which were not as popular just a decade ago. This is becoming the “new normal” for older adults, too. MyLobby’s health screening app is futuristic and supports digitization.

There will always be support available to answer questions, similar to self-service kiosks at an airport where a worker is available if there are any questions or concerns. This is still more efficient than an employee being taken away from their regular duties to complete screening via a handbook throughout the day. Also, many baby boomers are active on social media now. This helps to debunk the myth of older generations not being able to maneuver the Internet proficiently. 

Alternative to other health screening apps, MyLobby does not require individuals to download an app onto their phone directly for screening. Instead, the user experience is very straightforward, similar to scanning a loyalty card at your favourite store that identifies you. With just a few clicks on a personal device, MyLobby’s health screening app works to serve employees and visitors more quickly and effectively.

The Biggest Hesitation of all, and the one you Should Still Worry About

“Cases are Dropping and Things are Reopening, Let’s See What the Future Holds”: COVID-19 may never end. It may turn into a seasonal illness and endemic. This is the “new normal”. As organizations assess their back-to-work strategy, the most important aspect is creating a sustainable plan with a sense of urgency.

A health screening app helps to avoid outbreaks. Every business must prioritize health and safety without overlooking the learnings of best practices from the last year. Some industries, such as long-term care homes, have a vulnerable population that would feel relief in more protective measures. 

Many industries need to actively screen, such as restaurants and meeting and event spaces in Ontario. In the US, states such as Michigan and Minnesota require an established health screening process at the entrance. A digital record for auditing purposes is essential to show public officials protocols set in place. This further prevents fines and temporary closures of businesses. 

Health Screening Made Easy With MyLobby

Beyond COVID-19, MyLobby has been in the visitor management space for over 15 years to assist companies with risk and incident management. Signing-in has always been a tedious process in the workplace, so MyLobby ensures a more efficient and accurate streamlined procedure. 

Setting up the health screening app via a cloud-hosted solution is seamless so that business operations will be uninterrupted. MyLobby is here to help with complete project management and understands every business’s unique challenges to customize use cases. Trusted names such as Nikon and YMCA continue to utilize MyLobby’s services for screening. Get in touch today for a free demo!

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