The “New Normal” for Employees; Going to Work Will Feel Like Going Through Airport Security Screening in This Post-pandemic World

Unique QR/NFC code sign-in for employee health screening

With MyLobby’s seasoned background within visitor management systems, the automation of compliance in the new era of work has never been easier – the COVID-19 app allows for fast and frictionless employee health screening while minimizing the chance of transmission.

Our Automated COVID-19 Health Screening App

With over 15 years of experience within visitor management software in North America, MyLobby has created a fully automated employee and visitor management system. The system is OHSA compliant with the latest CDC guidelines and will be critical for employees to return to work in the post-pandemic world. COVID-19 is here to stay for as long as vaccine inequity and hesitancy exist with new variants emerging. With workplaces finally reopening, MyLobby’s COVID-19 employee screening app will permit increased productivity while decreasing operational costs related to manual screening. 

Every company shares a responsibility to prioritize the well-being of its stakeholders. MyLobby’s COVID-19 Screening App provides a safe and secure check-in process through digitization and automation. In addition, the COVID-19 health screening app has a unique mobile interface design, with the ability to track, trace and monitor employee and visitor health on a single platform. 

Adopt Health, Reduce Anxiety

The transition back to an office space, even at limited capacity, is causing anxiety amongst employees. MyLobby’s COVID-19 Screening App can help employees return to work with confidence. An employee or visitor must fill out an individual health screening questionnaire from their smartphone or laptop upon arrival. Companies can customize the questionnaires at any time based on evolving public health measures. Also, touchless temperature screening is available via a QR code or NFC sign-in. After screening, the manager or meeting host receives a notification immediately by email and SMS of the worker’s status. Finally, a customized visitor badge is printed for guests upon check-in. 

We are Automating the Paper and Pen Manual Process With our Health Screening App

Moreover, the intelligible dashboard stores confidential employee information and shows an overview of who has entered the premises. It even allows for emergency mass notifications to everyone in the building if escalation is required within seconds. Alternatively, manual processes remove staff from their regular duties and ups the cost for new hires while creating extra paperwork for the front desk.

“The biggest challenge right now is managing the daily compliance screening of your staff and visitors. To me, the post-pandemic world is a lot like airport security; that system conduit between all entries and my compliance filter, which ensures each entry meets CDC guidelines before entering into our company’s building,” said John Liberatore, CEO of MyLobby. Similarly, employee health screening and finding a workspace will be as easy as booking a flight, or easier than going through airport security screening.

Manage Your Employees’ Health Today

MyLobby offers a full-service setup, from installation to configuration. Also:

  • The advanced capabilities of the app now let employees securely upload proof of COVID-19 vaccination from their device
  • Tracking test results are possible with workers submitting data related to their COVID-19 test
  • Administrators have access to real-time data accordingly, supporting legal and compliance documentation for audit purposes for states requiring employee screening
  • Reports can be extracted that track time-in and time-out as API integration with payroll systems

Lastly, beyond the pandemic, the organization can ensure enhanced onsite security aligned with industry best practices.

About MyLobby

Since 2005, MyMedia Inc. has been a leader in digital display technology. The company’s people management application has been meeting needs related to risk and incident management. In fact, with 200,000 monthly active users and counting, it is no longer just a visitor management software, but a way to provide enhanced health screening features during COVID-19 with temperature screening and an accessible document centre. The app provides a central repository for employee screening results, including vaccine and test result tracking. The company’s technology offers an easy way for employees to return to work and employers to remain compliant with OSHA requirements and the CDC guidelines. 

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