How a COVID-19 Health Screening App Can Provide Faster Active Screenings for Employees and Visitors

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Coping with COVID-19

Many are anticipating life to return to pre-pandemic normal, although that time may never come. Until equal distribution of vaccines and vaccine hesitancy is solved, COVID-19 will continue to be a significant threat. The virus may continue to circulate, with flares happening indefinitely, increasing the importance of a COVID-19 health screening app for your workplace. 

What is Active Screening for COVID-19?

Certain businesses are required to actively screen employees, customers, and visitors before entering the facility. Industries such as retail, construction, manufacturing, and the corporate sector with high volumes must protect individuals and ensure compliance. States including California, Connecticut, Georgia, Indiana, and Massachusetts are just a few to name that require procedures for screening. Active screening means that the business must gather and evaluate information to determine if a person should enter a facility. Passive screening allows employees to self-assess and decide their attendance accordingly. Despite this being an option, employees’ health should be at the top of priorities for any size employer. 

Wielding Health Screening Apps

Posting signage at all entrances is not enough to ensure adequate health checks. A COVID-19 health screening app supports active screening and can help to manage risk factors in the workplace. A company no longer has to physically prohibit individuals from entering the workplace or advise them to go home and self-isolate. These apps are also HIPAA-compliant. The employer can effortlessly collect data on the health of their employees via touchless temperature screening and symptoms-related queries.

How Our COVID-19 Health Screening App Can Help You Stay Open

Ensuring compliance and preparing for an audit is essential to protect your business from liability and legal action. Non-compliance can also result in a company being fined or temporarily shut down by the government. With public health guidelines constantly changing, keeping individuals safe while adhering to screening regulations is important. This is possible via a COVID-19 health screening app with customization available in real-time. As businesses reopen, an app can heighten the confidence of employees and visitors about new processes. A sign-off that guarantees employees’ results are accurate will encourage them to answer questions with integrity.

How MyLobby Can Help Your Business

MyLobby’s app provides a very flexible approach. A trial demonstrating different scenarios can help to determine the best solution for a company. Companies can use a QR code for self-identity or even near-field communication (NFC) technology for higher confidentiality. Employees can use their smartphone to navigate quick questionnaires and access from anywhere onsite. COVID-19 health screening apps allow employees to get to work faster. Employees and visitors no longer need to arrive early to be manually screened. Furthermore, employees will never be late due to lengthy wait times for screening.

How To Use MyLobby To Stay Safe with The COVID-19 Health Screening App

There are many robust features in-app that can adjust to an organization’s needs. All data is stored securely via a cloud-hosted solution, so corporations do not have to worry about liability. A business can add HIPAA compliance for further privacy. COVID-19 health screening apps are accessible with multi-language options, including French and Spanish. Facial recognition integrates with door access control. Sending a mass emergency notification to everyone in the building based on high-temperature readings or symptoms reported is done. Referencing COVID-exposed employees can be recognized easily to assist with contact tracing. An app supports a sense of urgency during the pandemic, with the ability to respond and react instantaneously.

Features such as daily employee health status reports and essential worker letters are newer integrations in apps. Tracking individual status and team progress with vaccination logs is now possible. The most up-to-date CDC guidelines can ensure to be followed for workplace screening to prevent outbreaks.

Start Actively Screening Today

COVID-19 health screening apps such as MyLobby’s lessens paperwork and provides multiple functions such as API integration with payroll systems. The technology offers a dashboard with real-time results. It is a small price to pay to increase productivity while minimizing operational costs for the long run. Get in touch with MyLobby today to schedule a demo of our secure, fast, and easy-to-use solution so your employees can get screened within seconds! 

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