Want Your Business to Reopen and Stay Open? Here’s What It Takes to Go Back to Work in a Post-Pandemic World

How to Reopen Safely with Employee Health Screenings

Businesses need to integrate new capabilities that will help with returning to the workplace and instill confidence. A health screening system is a crucial indicator to employees that their health and safety are top priorities. These self-service tools can assist employees and visitors to sign in safely with a preset questionnaire. Utilizing MyLobby can help workplaces in reopening and staying open. The well-developed visitor management system can provide a 360-view into risk areas to respond with urgency and efficacy. 

MyLobby Employee Health Screenings

Since the start of the pandemic, MyLobby has helped countless organizations to operate effectively. Although many companies have relied on a skeleton crew versus full capacity, businesses will soon be returning to in-person settings. This is already evident in the US, so technology that is seamless with workflow automation and compliance reporting is essential. Some jurisdictions require employee health screening before starting a shift, such as California and Colorado. Rather than asking employees to self-evaluate before work, MyLobby’s portal can manage daily health checks and PPE mandates onsite. Face coverings are always recommended for precautionary purposes, especially when social distancing is difficult, such as in manufacturing sectors. 

Employee Health Screenings using MyLobby

Michigan has come under fire for workplaces fined for COVID-19 protocols via employee complaints. This includes hospitals where workers died of COVID-19 in 2020. Building an actionable post-COVID-19 plan may seem like an unnerving task, but it is vital to prevent worst-case scenarios. Minimizing potential transmission points can prevent an outbreak from occurring with a single infected employee. Businesses should limit entrances and exit ways with human activity, including being as contactless as possible. MyLobby’s system enables individuals to provide information about their health privately via their device from any proximity at reception.

The CDC recommends making employee health screening as private as possible to prevent stigma and discrimination in the workplace. The data is only stored for easy tracking, comprehensive contact tracing, and for healthcare professionals if required. The technology is intelligent enough to send an alert to security upon compliance failure and informs office staff accordingly. Revoking access to anyone who doesn’t meet safety criteria is possible via integration with the building access control systems. Tracking timekeeping in terms of time-in and time-out is another added capability to ease business operations. Contact logging and tracing help with avoiding business closure and provides urgent responses to potential employee exposure. 

So, What’s The Game Plan?

Making minimal adjustments at a ground level with MyLobby’s COVID-19 screening system certainly helps with meeting unique requirements. Workplaces can save operation costs for employee health screening while automating the maintenance of electronic records. A streamlined apparatus that is up to date can save the front desk hours regarding new visitors and status changes. Registering employees and visitors with facial recognition minimizes the time needed at access points and helps control movement. Non-contact infrared temperature screening can detect signs of fever, a distinct COVID-19 indicator, before reaching the workplace and spreading. Organizations can sustainably support worker safety by adhering to the latest COVID-19 guidelines via ease of altering questionnaires when required. 

Integration of the New Normal

There needs to be a frictionless experience built to ease the process of employees working in the office. In the future, with consent, there could be opportunities to integrate vaccine management to provide a report on important employee vaccine information (i.e., what type of vaccine was received, date). The system could also incorporate test management with employee test results uploaded to a dashboard. This would be useful if an employee tests positive and the employer has to notify other employees that may have been in close contact. Introducing these functionalities in other countries, such as the UK, has demonstrated post-pandemic advancements.

MyLobby Vital Goals

There will also be a heavy emphasis on workspace reservations to help with new office configurations, along with hybrid schedules. Space booking integrations will help provide seamless protection for a hybrid workforce. For employees to work collaboratively, organizing specific spaces such as rooms and desks will help with functionality. Health and safety control measures revolving around employee scheduling and occupancy rate will ensure a higher capacity of workers can get back into the office. According to a recent study by Mercer, 61% of employers aim to do this by the third quarter of 2021.

At MyLobby, the ultimate goal is to help employers protect their workers and create a meaningful impact by providing value-added solutions. Human resources and operational challenges will be faced during the pandemic and beyond in the new era of work. Office interactions will be hard to avoid. As a result, businesses cannot solely rely on the hope that employees will follow the rules and protocols.

Many small to medium businesses do not have a human resources department. MyLobby’s scanner can help improve the facility’s safety and security and comply with new health protocols readily while tracking visitors in real-time. The system is the best place to start with temperature screening and employee health screening to avoid taking staff away from alternative departments to help. 

Enhancing the New Normal

There have been many lessons learned during the pandemic. However, safety and building an efficient workplace continue to be a problem of the near future. Enhancing the employee experience by addressing multiple areas of workplace safety and security, including access control and emergency communications, is a need. COVID-19 may become endemic, and there will be many complex requirements to meet. Companies need to become leaders for other organizations that can then implement similar practices. Explore MyLobby’s solution to automate tracking, tracing, and monitoring voluntarily.

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