Employee Screening For the Workplace is a Top Priority as US May Not Reach Herd Immunity

Employee Screening Will Continue to Remain Important

The US may not reach herd immunity if the rate of vaccinations does not increase. It is also important that vaccine distribution is equal across all communities. It may be possible that COVID could reappear in the winter with new variants. As we enter our new normal and may still encounter COVID, employee screening will continue be essential.

Employee Screening Programs for COVID-19

With many offices preparing to open their doors, there is anxiety about returning to busy office spaces. The post-pandemic world will indefinitely change the workplace. Despite this, physical offices aren’t going anywhere. Although visual aid across the office can help with safety reminders (i.e., masks), there still lies a compliance issue. In New York, the NY Hero Act recently enacted rules for face coverings, PPE, and health screening measures. Therefore, having a health and safety plan with proof is now a top priority.

Even workplaces across Michigan, such as an ice cream factory, have been fined recently for unsafe conditions. Companies are under fire for not taking enough precautions, with maskless employees and no employee health screening. A detailed employee screening program can help. This type of system avoids admitting workers who are not wearing masks and experiencing symptoms. Additionally, employees can use the customized printed badge as a verification of a “pass.”

Screening Software for Safe Work Environments 

Business leaders must demonstrate to employees how a safe working environment is possible to keep pathogens out. Employers cannot control the behaviour of employees outside of work. Screening software can restrict entry at a specific access point or at different entrances to reduce lineups and wait times. Its waterproof ability even allows for dual-use both outdoors and indoors. Beyond just temperature screening, COVID-19 screening queries can be completed quickly within seconds, contactless via a QR code and privately. This confidentiality encourages employees to answer questions with honesty.

Employee facial recognition integrated with door access control provides an easier entry process over time. Visitors and employees will require less face-to-face communication with the front desk. The tool even allows for two-way communication between the employee and a third-party visitor. Also, the technology can record movements and assist with workplace contact tracing where required. Even better, employers can track when employees sign in and out and even integrate this with payroll systems.

Help Employees Feel Confident & Improve Workplace Safety

There is no greater need than now for monitoring the movement of people and maintaining health records. At the same time, security and employee privacy is crucial. The system offers careful handling and storage of personal data versus a traditional logbook. Furthermore, companies can effortlessly customize questions if the CDC makes any changes. For now, there must be an emphasis on touchless interactions and other preventative measures to protect employees and visitors. Employees should feel confident that their worries and safety are being taken seriously by upper management.

Cloud-Hosted Solutions for Effective Employee Screening

The quick installation of this cloud-hosted solution can significantly reduce the budget needed for a task force. Consequently, the automation of a health screening application can increase productivity. Take it from larger names, such as Nikon and YMCA in New York. These companies have invested in the correct resources and solutions to address precautionary standards using MyLobby’s visitor management system. MyLobby understands that employers are currently overloaded with new processes and offers worry-free implementation. That is where our company can help for all COVID-19 health screening needs.

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