The New Essential Must-Have for Workplaces to Comply With CDC Guidelines for Returning to Work

CDC Guidelines for Returning to Work​

COVID-19 has resulted in many adaptations in the workplace across various industries for employee screenings. With a gradual increase in vaccines becoming available, businesses are preparing for their return to the workplace and a new normal. Employers are taking concerted action and demonstrating a strong commitment towards occupational safety and health based on CDC guidelines for returning to work. Although best practices for safety protocols are continually being adjusted for, there is a greater understanding now compared to last year about how to minimize transmission, as well as mandated laws that can ensure the protection of employees. 

Post-Vaccination Practices & Best Practices for Workplaces

COVID-19 is thought to be spread primarily through close contact via respiratory droplets. Although vaccines have been studied to be effective at preventing infection and becoming seriously ill, scientists are still learning about how efficient vaccines are against spread, the longevity of immunity and how the variants could impact efficacy. Regardless of being vaccinated, it is important to still wear a mask, wash hands frequently, practice social distancing, as well as avoid large gatherings and poorly ventilated spaces.

Health Screening for Safely Returning to Work

Despite there being no perfect formula for reopening due to the complexity and unknowns of the disease, there are many policies and practices for employers to strongly consider. Digital visitor management systems are no longer just used for regular front-desk operations, but can now improve the way guests and employees check-in, while tracking and collecting data related to COVID-19 health screening forms. These systems are being vastly implemented by many corporations who were initially resistant to change, but now recognize the need to stay sustainable with a small price to pay; screening out potentially high-risk individuals protects staff by prohibiting access and is critical for limiting the transmission of COVID-19. 

Visitor Management Systems & Software

In comparison to manual logbooks, visitor management software such as what MyLobby offers includes touchless sign-ins, employee screenings (i.e., symptom related, close contact questions), evaluations and contact tracing, and is the first line of defence in the reception to ensure safety before entering the workplace. Rather than hiring more staff to assess tasks and increasing operational and human resources costs, the technology can quickly identify employees within the set database, limit the number of people who can enter the facility as per CDC guidelines for back to work, direct visitors where to go to avoid high-traffic areas and even track visitor movements once inside if any alarming situations occur. Employees can focus on other aspects of their jobs that are urgent rather than enduring persistent stress from the front-desk and experience heightened productivity as a result with automation of the sign-in process. The notification of who entered can instantly be sent to the front desk staff, and even human resources or the employee’s manager to confirm attendance. To promote a contactless environment, guests and employees can scan a QR code to enter details via their personal device rather than touching the same surface as others, and information is kept confidential. The system can also provide requirements regarding mandates (i.e., wearing a mask) prior to entering as traditional signage does not guarantee that a visitor will comply. The corporation can demonstrate its adherence towards green environmental initiatives as increased stationery for logbooks will no longer be needed, and can provide compliance to the CDC Guidelines for Returning to Work.

Employee Screenings for COVID-19

While there is still some unpredictability surrounding COVID-19, the ease of altering employee health screening questions via the software is very straightforward and can be beneficial to avoid constant anxiety regarding changing obligations as new discoveries are made. Staff appreciate time to do their jobs productively so diminishing their workload and creating a positive visitor experience while increasing security and health and safety is highly desired for the future workplace. MyLobby offers a 30-day trial to ensure your corporation is fully satisfied with the ease of compliance it has to offer.

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