Temperature Scanning Solution from MyMedia— What Do Business Owners Think?

MyMedia’s Solution: Touchless Temperature Scanning Kiosk

Not sure how to reopen your business in the midst of COVID-19?

So was Fernanda Cancado, owner of Touchdown Coworking Space— until she discovered MyMedia’s new temperature scanner + temperature scanning technology.

Fernanda’s Problem

Through Touchdown, Fernanda offers high-quality services and efficient workspaces for small business owners and big companies alike. “Then COVID hit…” says Fernanda. “Innovative companies need innovative solutions.

She didn’t feel right putting her secretary on the front line, but she didn’t want human COVID question marks roaming her office either— contaminating the space, workers, and even herself.

So how is Fernanda already back in business?

MyMedia wasted no time in developing the temperature scanning system that now sits on the front desk of Fernanda’s workplace.

What is the Touchless Temperature Scanner? 

A touch-free, plug-and-play solution that temperature scans your employees/visitors and manages who’s in your building. It features built-in facial recognition, no-touch temperature scanning and an NFC card reader too.

“…You want a system that is all in one, saves you time, money, and keeps your health? I would say MyMedia and their temperature scanner.” — Fernanda Cancado

Extra Safety: Customizable Questionnaire

Fernanda takes comfort in knowing she can just click on a face in her database and see their questionnaire answers. The leap from pen & paper to a reliable, digital database “… Removes 90% of contact,” says Fernanda. “I don’t need to be near anyone if I don’t want to.”

“If I ask you , you say ‘yes‘ or ‘no‘, and I have to trust you. But if I have something that can check data, that’s verifiable. It’s another level.” — Fernanda Cancado

Fernanda can even better help her community (and government) now that she has the tools to locate and notify anyone who was in the building on the day of a COVID transmission. This can stop an oblivious COVID-carrier from spreading the virus to the rest of her community. Of course, she trusts that MyMedia’s temperature scanner will stop virus carriers from entering.


When COVID struck, concern was the first thing on Fernanda’s mind. Now?

“Relief,” she says. Having MyMedia’s Health & Safety system in place, built on temperature scanning, verifiable data, and guest management was exactly what this business owner needed.

“People say ‘I feel safe at Touchdown’ and ‘Oh! You have the new temperature scanner!’ It feels really good.” — Fernanda Cancado

A Business Owner’s Final Thoughts

Fernanda was all smiles for this interview, because she feels safe and work-ready with MyMedia’s temperature scanning solution.

“I’m so thankful for MyMedia. The price is fair, the solution is perfect, and I’m just super happy that everything was done so fast. And the system works!” — Fernanda Cancado

Interested in safeguarding your business with your very own Touchless Temperature Scanning Kiosk? 
Shop here.

Or, watch Fernanda dive into more detail in our video interview.

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