Temperature Scans and the Honor System— Are Employees Being Honest?

Temperature Scans and the Honor System— Are Employees Being Honest?

In the COVID-era, accountability and safety are everything. When it comes to temperature scans, some doubt the efficacy. Others don’t enforce employee temperature scans at all. What does this mean when the stakes are so high? John Liberatore, President of MyMedia, dives into the problem and explains how the Touchless Temperature Kiosk can help.

Do Temperature Scans Really Matter?

Despite overwhelming evidence provided by the likes of CDC and WHO, some have questioned if temperature scans are worthwhile. John sees temperature scans as something entirely worthy of investment.

“You need to have a baseline. Imagine what kind of chaos it would be if weren’t doing any temperature scans? This baseline is your first level of defense.” — John Liberatore

John is very firm on safety, making clear that “Number one, your priority is keeping the health & safety of your employees.” John believes that if hard hats are required on a construction site, then reliable employee temperature scans should be required with all businesses.

Do Employees REALLY  Temperature Scan Themselves with the Honor System?

John has been working tirelessly with business owners who struggle against COVID-19. One owner in particular discovered a sad truth when observing footage of his business’ COVID temperature scan station. “They’re not doing it,” says John, “The honor system is not working for them.”

“To have a few individuals take advantage of and not do it, where does that lead them in terms of productivity? And if they have another Tyson case where half their workforce is out of commission?” — John Liberatore

John likes to think like a Health & Safety Officer, and that initiative has led to some new upcoming features for the Touchless Temperature Kiosk.


The All-In-One Solution: Touchless Temperature Scan Kiosk

MyMedia believes that temperature scans are crucial to a health & safety system as COVID-19 hits a record high number of cases. But John and the team took safety and efficiency to the next level by adding two new features (coming soon to our store). Namely: payroll synching and COVID transmission tracking.

The touch-free device temperature scans anyone who steps into your workspace. Facial recognition confirms identity, the thermography tech does the temperature scan, then your badge prints and you’re all clear. Bosses, visitors, and employees can feel safer in the workplace with the addition of a visible clearance badge.

The widgets in MyLobby’s system will soon connect to your payroll system, and streamline yet another step of your daily business. The ability to track COVID-19 transmissions is even more important than smooth business— it can save lives. A database that collects employee and guest contact information is paramount in keeping communities free from COVID outbreaks.

These two new features were born of the needs of business owners, which John curated, formed a solution, and brought it to the technology.

A Final Word from MyMedia’s President

As the heart and brain of a problem-solving business, it’s safe to say John is a busy man. But he places something above business, and that’s the responsibility to help others stay safe.

“We all have a mother, grandmother, loved ones, we’ve got kids at home. Our goal is really to help keep people safe. That’s really what we want to do.” — John Liberatore

John is confident that we’ll all make it through the challenges of COVID-19, but in the meantime, he’s doing his part to keep people aware, accountable, and alive.

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