Touchless Temperature Screening Kiosk

Handheld temperature checks are not sustainable for most organizations

MyLobby has an APP-FOR-THAT

As organizations respond to the challenge of protecting against the spread of COVID-19, temperature checks upon entry are quickly becoming the norm and already being mandated in some States.  

A handheld infrared thermometer is not a sustainable solution for most organizations, as it is costly, time-consuming and does not fit with social distancing guidelines.   

In mid-March, when the pandemic started to unfold in Europe and North America, John Liberatore, President at MyMedia saw that officials were using handheld infrared thermometers to screen hundreds of thousands of travelers.  He knew there had to be a way to automate the process. 

By late April, MyMedia had produced a solution. MYLOBBY  is an infrared temperature screening kiosk that automates the process, in tandem with other capabilities.  

As an individual’s walk towards the kiosk, it detects their face and instantly takes their temperature. It has facial recognition capacity, so team members and regular visitors’ faces can be saved and recognized with 99% accuracy.   This ‘plug and play’ solution that requires no external network. 

In early July 2020, MyMedia will be releasing an integrated version of their MyLobby platform that will have the ability to send text and email messages if an individual is detected with a fever. This notification will provide real-time information to the designated supervisor of temperature screening. This pandemic reminds me of how the airline travel industry responded after the 9/11 crisis. 

The TSA quickly implemented increased screening measures, and planes were outfitted with greater security. As we learn to navigate in a post-COVID reality, new policies and procedures such  as temperature screening of employee as recommend by the CDC, will become part of our daily lives.” says John Liberatore President at MyMedia Inc.  Features and benefits of Temperature Screening Kiosk include.  

  • Automated touchless temperature in two seconds  
  • Facial Recognition 
  • ‘Plug and Play’ technology, requiring no external network   

Touchless Temperature Screening Kiosk start at $1,995 USD.   For more information on temperature screening kiosk, visit: Here

MyMedia Inc. was established in 2005. 

Our mission is to help organizations communicate with digital display technology, from hardware to software solutions. Product and Services ranging from; Digital Signage, Visitor Management, Emergency Messaging software, Data visualization, Wayfinding, Meeting Room booking Solutions and Temperature Screening Solutions . 

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