Visitor Management System Shoe Fit

If the shoe doesn’t fit, don’t wear it. The same is true when you’re shopping for a Visitor Management System for your front lobby. Every organization has its own set of requirements or nuances that need to be configured to each organization’s needs. In this article, we discuss and demonstrate how we do that. Our engagement approach with our clients is doing a walk-through or role-play from the perspective of the visitor, and we call this the Visitor Audit. In this process, our goal is to get answers to the following questions. 1. Is the sign-in book/sheet easy to find? 2. Does a security guard or representatives building need to be present during the sign-in process? 3. Does the visitor need to provide ID or a picture of themselves? 4. Does the visitor require any identification such as a visitor badge? 5. Does the facility have the individual emails am mobile phone numbers average person in the building? 6. Does the visitor need to identify their parking spot? 

Once we have identified the essential elements, we can start developing a profile and tailor the right configuration they need for their Visitor Management System.

In the next stage, your account associate will build a slideshow to simulation to demonstrate the workflow. If required, they will also provide a backend demonstration of how the visitor data is tracked.   Once the client and associate have agreed on the requirements, our fulfillment team start processing the order. If additional programming needs our developers will start tailoring the app to ensure the client and visitors have the ideal experience. So instead of trying to squeeze into something that doesn’t fit, tell us your requirements and try MyLobby Visitor Management System for free.  

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