MyLobby Track Visitor Management software is a Must

MyLobby Track Visitor Management form MyLobby is the modern way that professional companies rely on when it comes to observing attendance activities in your company. With our MyLobby Track Visitor Management, you can:

  • Validate attendance
  • Pre-register visitors
  • Reconcile billable hours for contractors working hours on-site
  • Digital storage of Signed agreements on safety and compliance
  • Two-way commination between visitor and host

Our visiting tracking helps you archive rich data about your visitors in your databases, but also MyLobby Track Visitor Management system ensures you’ve recorded the sign-in/sign-out of every visitor and employee in your company which is a kind of data that could be used in broad variations and also maintain a cloud-based visitor log. Efficient MyL obby Track Visitor Management systems allow you to communicate directly with your visitors and employees, which is the kind of technologies we need in our business facilities nowadays, simply because having the ability to exchange confidential information within your company’s boundaries is a very powerful technique to enhance communication and therefore performance in your business. Most importantly, MyLobby Track Visitor Management systems provide you a formidable security system that can’t just be achieved with pen and paper.

Why is MyLobby Track Visitor Management Software is a Must for every facility?

The world is changing, and every day we are more and more prone to different acts of theft, vandalism, and threats. The worst part about this is that when facility entrances aren’t secure your company becomes more vulnerable to these vicious unfortunate possibilities. Consider this scenario: Your security guard has been working for 6 hours, feels bored and in a dire need to get a few minutes of rest before he continues working, now to thieves, this is an ideal opening for them to make a move inside your facility. In such cases, your lobby is your first line of defense. MyLobby Track Visitor Management ensures that you have a record of every single person that entered the facility.

How to use MyLobby Track Visitor Management systems to keep your business secure:

Security has evolved over the years especially, with the advent of sophisticated security cameras, organizations can now secure a more detailed surveillance with less human resources as Cameras give security personnel the ability to track activity visually in many different locations. Visitor management tracking software is following the same evolution the security cameras. With less human resources visitor management tracking software can assist with greater efficiency, by adding an extra layer of security for facilities index information on each visitor that enters the building. Just imagine, if there was an incident at your facility last week. And the police is doing an investigation, if they requested all the names of visitors that visited your facility, how long would it take you to enter all the names of the visitors from your sign-in sheets and send them to the investigator? At this point, you would pray and all these visitors had legible handwriting and that no coffee had spilled onto the sign-in sheets. With our MyLobby track visitor management system, this would not take more than 30 seconds to export onto a spreadsheet and send it to the investigator. Therefore if you’re doing an investigation of a specific incident in your facility, MyLobby can assist with quick search queries that can provide access all the visitors’ information with a clear head and shoulder picture of the visitor in question.

MyLobby Track Visitor Management for contractors:

A really helpful feature about MyLobby’s Tracking System is that it’s not only used for visitors but also used for contractors. One customer shared his pain point with the inability to track the actual time spent on site. As a result, their organization had an ineffective way of reconciling billable hours with just their sign-in sheet, which was mandatory for all contractors. Our client presented a scenario, Bob explained it like this “we had one particular Air Conditioning contractor, he would sign-in on the sheet at 4 PM worked for few hours and signed out after he was done. However, we can’t be truly confident about the exact time he signed out when our front staff leaves at 5 pm and he would sign out after hours. We were doubtful about his hours and his writing was not very legible.

This was an issue that we were experiencing with multiple contractors.” Our client had legitimate reasons to be concerned about inaccurate billing. I explained how we solve this problem. Our MyLobby Track Visitor Management System does not only record accurate timestamps for sign-in and sign-out but also calculates total hours on-site. Best of all, our system can export the reports to a spreadsheet for reconciling those billable hours with the total hours already calculated for you. In Conclusion, MyLobby’s platform – MyLobby Track Visitor Management system is a professional, resourceful and time-saving way to maintain a, quick data fetching and organized database about visitors in your database, as well as a tool to reconcile with your contractors and preserve an accurate recording of their sign-in and sign-out times at the end of the month. Have you had the chance to enjoy the benefits of MyLobby Track Visitor Management systems? MyLobby offers you the opportunity to experience the best of it through a very generous trial period.

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