Visitor management system for Contractors

Managing a  facility or multiple facilities can be a huge responsibility especially ensuring the security of each facility. The challenge is having multiple different visitors and contractors roaming each facility and maintaining communication with them while on-site can be difficult. We have a visitor management system for contractors. MyLobby is a visitor management solution that is ideal for processing contractors. This particular video focuses on the challenge for facility and security personnel processing contractors when they come to visit a facility here in the US and Canada. Using traditional paper sign-in sheets is no longer effective and difficult to when it comes to reconciling billable hours from your contractors. Also read: Benefits of Visitor Management System Most organizations have a policy that contractors need to sign-in with either; receptionist, security or facilities manager. Typically, The contractor would need to leave some sort of collateral such as a drivers license, keys, something of value If they’re going to get a valuable asset from the facility such as access pass for certain areas that are locked or secure. This solution can now capture all of this information.

Video: Visitor Management System for Contractors   Our customers and prospects have been telling us, what they would love in the solution. Since we have committed to creating the best visitor management solution, we realize the only way to do that is, give them what they want. If our visitor management solution could have customization or the ability to capture the information about the visitor that meets their criteria of each department, as within each organization each of these departments have their own set of needs. For instance, the front lobbies reception we’ll have its own set of requirements further visitor management system and the shipping and receiving area of that same organization will most certainly have different requirements for tracking deliveries and contractors. The most common question or information they need to capture from the contractors before the give them access to the building, they need to make sure these individuals meet the guidelines, such as

  • Meet the safety standards
  • Safety training (yes or no)
  • Have they acknowledged and agreed to the terms of working in this facility
  • Age requirement
  • Valid drivers license requirement

The above items are just a few examples. Once again, all of this can be configured on the backend. This process is vital, the building custodians, whether its a facility manager or security personnel, essentially they are responsible for running and maintaining a safe environment.  They need to ensure that any individuals entering the building can keep themselves safe and others in the building. Capturing this information at this point of entry has not always been the most efficient and often problematic. An example of some of those challenges, paper and pen is not very legible.   It’s also very time-consuming if there’s a need for security or manager to track the history of specific individual or company. Another challenge, with visitor management of contractors, is tracking their actual time on site. These paper sheets are not often monitored, especially when a contractor finishes after hours and everyone’s going home in the office.   MyLobby visitor management app put a stop to this problem. When a contractor enters the information on a digital tablet, it not only makes it quick and easy for the contractor, it also indexes every entry onto the MyLobby database which is time stamped.  If you ever need to retrieve information of how many visits by specific individual or contractor, it can be done within seconds in the searchable field. In other words, our visitor management system for contractors can be utilized to track and audit the contractor’s time spent on site. Having a facility procedure of signing-in and signing-out on an unattended kiosk will provide a time-stamp of when the actual contractor signed in and out. This will provide the facility records to audit and reconcile the contractor’s invoices for any the date and time. All you need to do is to login to visitor management system for contractors (MyLobby backend) as it has a searchable data feature built into the backend. As a developer, we are very committed to listening to the needs of our clients especially when it comes to our visitor management solution. This new feature that we’re going to release a few weeks, This feature will allow Each department to administer their own series of questions when processing a visitor. Furthermore, they can assign and these questions to either; Visitor, Delivery or contractor. 

 This page is where the contractor login. All questions can be customized. Lastly, if you are a facility manager or security personnel, we would invite you to share your ideas or thoughts on some challenges from past or present that you’re facing. And if you were wondering if there is a potential solution on how to automate and improve the experience, we would welcome the challenge.

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