Welcome to the MyLobby Visitor Managament LITE!

We are really excited to have you come aboard on the MyLobby Visitor Management System! The Game-Changing Visitor Management System That Will Transform How You Manage Visitors And Supercharge Your Organization’s Security.

The MyLobby Visitor Management LITE

MyLobby Lite takes the headache out of traditional sign-in sheets and cumbersome hardware. With our system, all you need is a device with a browser – it’s that simple! You can even print out a QR code for guests to fill out the registration form hassle-free.

Mobile and Web Prescreening

Unlock a hassle-free entry with our Visitor Management System. Here’s a quick guide:

1. Open Link: Use your mobile or computer to open the pre-screening link provided by your host.
2. Select Type: Choose your visitor type – member, visitor, contractor, or employee.
3. Fill Details: Input your name, phone, and email. Navigate questions with the next/previous buttons.
4. Choose Host: Type your host’s name, select, and proceed.
5. Answer Questions: Respond to host-specific pre-screening questions.
6. Upload Docs: If needed, upload documents in the required format.
7. Review & Confirm: Check details, and click “Yes” to confirm.
8. Get Confirmation: Receive a confirmation email with your QR and pin code.

First Things First, Upload Your Host List Using CSV File

In this section of the Visitor Management system tutorial, you’ll learn how to upload a CSV file to register employees/hosts in your account database. Initially, for testing purposes, the system includes your name as registered during the onboarding process.

MyLobby Visitor Management Backend System

Your log-in credentials will be provided by your organization’s account administrator. Please check your email or contact your account administrator.
Backend System Link:

MyLobby Dashboard

The ‘Dashboard’ is the first tab in the MyLobby’s Visitor Management user-interface and it consists of:
  1. A line chart displaying the number of visitors
  1. A pie-chart displaying employees and their visitors
  1. Visitor details

The Entries Module

Entries is the MyLobby module that allows you to see each individual that has entered your facility.
Just click the name of the visitor and the details upon the visitor’s sign-in show up. If the visitor forgets to sign out from the building, the admin can manually sign out the visitor from the backend, just click the Red button that says, “sign out”

MyLobby Site Configuration - General and Front Page

The site configuration allows you to create a site and customize it. Users can upload the company logo. Users can also edit the company name, address, and timezone.

Automatic Reports

The “AUTOMATIC REPORTS” feature can be found under the “ENTRIES” tab of the MyLobby’s backend system. This feature will allow the admin to generate daily, weekly, or monthly reports automatically. It also allows the admin to send the reports to multiple email addresses or accounts.
It would greatly help the company’s daily reporting needs, especially in the daily attendance or entries of the office/building because it automatically gathers all the information and formats all of it as a report.

General Questions and If-Then Questions Configuration

General Questions

The general questionnaire allows users to establish the questions that will be asked to their visitors.

If-Then Questionnaire

The If-Then configuration enables the users to establish conditional sets of questions accordingly. Users can set a customized response when a visitor answers certain questions.

Mapping Out If-Then Questions

Import Watchlist

The import watchlist tab allows you to import a list of people that are not welcome in your facility that are essentially “Persona Non Grata”