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MyLobby Visitor Management System Features:

QR Code sign-in

With our system, all you need is a device with a browser – it’s that simple! You can even print out a QR code for guests to fill out the registration form hassle-free.

ID Scanning

Ability to scan government-issued photo ID and it will automatically gather all needed information into the system for express sign-in process.

Contactless Sign in

QR code scanning gives a more efficient experience for your guests and employees. QR code sign in prevents bottle-necking and keeps everyone from long waiting time when signing in to the lobby.

Capture the Picture of Visitors

Easily take a photo of each visitor. Visitors’ images appear on the dashboard when they sign in, making it simple for your admin and security staff to keep track of who’s on site.

Pre- Registration

Easy for visitors when they enter the building they will have a QR code as this expedites entry their process.

Email & SMS Notification

Ability to send notification via email and SMS. Once a host receives a text message or an e-mail  notification that their visitor is waiting for them at the lobby they can respond with e-mail or text message through the MyLobby system. It also has pre-slated messages. Such as. “I got notification I will see you soon” or “ I need another five minutes and I’ll be right there”