Do You Need a Sign in Sheet Template For Your Visitors?

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Sign in Sheet Template
Visitor's Sign in Sheet Template 1
Sign in Sheet Template
Visitor's Sign in Sheet Template 2

Before you click the download button of the sign in sheet template, there are things that you need to consider:

MyLobby is happy to provide you the sign in sheet templates for your visitors. Simply click on the button below to access and download the document but we want you to be careful. Have you considered potential concerns when it comes to exposing information in your sign-in sheets?

It’s Not Legible. Often, handwritten entries can be illegible, leading to confusion and errors in recording visitor information.

Names of Previous Visitors Need to be Confidential – Maintaining confidentiality regarding previous visitor names is crucial due to its direct impact on privacy laws. Imagine a scenario where a job candidate, attends an interview and already accepted by the company. If the next candidate sees the previous visitor’s name on the sign-in sheet, it could unintentionally reveal sensitive information about the first candidate’s job search. This disclosure could potentially harm professional relationships and compromise the current employment status of the individual.

visitor sign-in sheet

Health and Safety Issues. In emergencies, legible sign in sheets are crucial for safety. During evacuations, these logs enable efficient roll call. Illegible entries hinder fire marshals, risking delays and confusion. Accurate identification ensures everyone’s safety.

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