MyLobby Visitor Management System

We provide a solution that enables visitors, contractors, and employees to do self-service check-in that can prescreen every individual that is entering your building. This process is much like doing your preflight check-in. In addition, we now have a contactless sign-in process for your business.
Visitor Management

With MyLobby Visitor Management System visitors, patients, and employees can all enter your facility. Track their entry to ensure that all are following security and health protocols. Additionally, we will provide the latest equipment and software to enable you to achieve this goal quickly.

We know that many organizations want to become agile but don’t know where to start. Luckily, we have you covered!

MyLobby Visitor Screening Software helps automate process for your organization.

  • Track each employee and visitor health screening on a daily and weekly basis. If individuals are not compliant it will send an email alert compliance team
  • A platform that will keep you compliant with OSHA and the CDC
  • An efficient way to create a paperless environment and reduce the risk of cross-contamination.
  • Protect your employees and visitors by using Mobile phone screening and Sign-in
  • Easy QR code sign-in
  • Adhere to occupancy restrictions like social distancing
  • Incorporate health screening
  • Incorporate noncompliance Instant notifications
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Visitor Management

Customizing Compliance Responses

Lastly, we have the ability to customize the communication that directs your visitors and employees according to their compliance responses.

Once their entries are complete, a notification gets delivered to the host with all their responses. Visitors also have the opportunity to do pre-screening before entering the facility. Prescreening visitors will receive a QR code to expedite their entry when entering the facility.